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  1. n3puppy

    Fisher FP-101 Specs

    I had a Fisher 101 project once ..... Gave up on it because the guy who built it did a terrible job on the wings. Became a "ground trainer" for Young eagles. My plan was to use a 30hp free air Kawasaki 340. Don't remember the exact numbers but with a belt drive would have made part 103...
  2. n3puppy

    It's a Free engine !

    Based on a few visual clues I can see- I think it's a 22hp Zenoah G-25
  3. n3puppy

    Help with a Kawasaki

    J-Bird engines in Wisconsin likely has anything you need including manual. Has been selling Kawasaki stuff for ultralights for a long time.
  4. n3puppy

    Anybody know what this is?

    Obsolete - yes Tennessee Propellers used to be the world distributor for Zenoah G25b engines. In 2004, Zenoah discontinued production of the engines. Tennessee maintained a supply of parts. But they closed their doors at the end of 2019. If looking for parts today - Chaparral snowmobiles...
  5. n3puppy

    Rotax 670/583 compact 2-1 exhaust

    Are you thinking something like the side mount Unit from Rotax Rick in the USA? Rotax Rick's Engines
  6. n3puppy

    Boxer style crankshafts ?

    Yup - vibration on a single pin twin is going to be an issue since the mass of both pistons/rods is always going in the same direction rocking the engine. Plus the two individual firing impulses are helping that rock from side to side. Can get away with it on single pin four cylinder engines...
  7. n3puppy

    Designing an Ultralight

    A bit dated but will give you a feel for all the things you need to consider when starting an ultralight design from scratch. LINK:
  8. n3puppy

    % loss of hp / 1,000-ft ?

    For anyone considering modifications to increase HP of the previously mentioned Ski-doo type 253 engine Rotax abandoned their "experiment" with the low cost type 253 engine after only 8 seasons. Reintroduced the 277 single as replacement for the type 253 for the next 17 years...
  9. n3puppy

    Fuel Cells + Supercapacitors

    BRP (think Rotax) has announced that it is electrifying all of its products. Atvs, watercraft, go-karts, motorcycles etc. No longer doing any real two stroke development, they are Investing $300 million with the goal of having at least one electric model in each of its product lines by...
  10. n3puppy

    Konig SC 430 3 cylinder Radial

    As I understand it - Fiate engines in China bought the entire Compact Radial line including the MZ family of engines. (Mz 34,201,202) Aerolight already is a USA dealer for the Fiate MZ's so they would have the contacts if they thought they needed the radial. The SC430 triple was rated at...
  11. n3puppy

    Rotax 447 one cylinder no spark

    I had the same thought - "Spark controller" is the "Ignition damping box" as described in Rotax literature. Maybe he is reading term spark controller from an early quicksilver manual that used points motors. I have never seen a points ignition 447UL with single coil. But both the...
  12. n3puppy

    Eviation Alice

    Ground tests happening - Flight tests getting close
  13. n3puppy

    O-100-- interesting new engine

    Great work on the list VB - I'll add 3 more I have first hand knowledge of - From Preceptor N-3 Pup family Super Pup Ultra Pup Stinger (parasol)
  14. n3puppy

    Parts Wanted gasket set zenoah g25

    G25A fan cooled ad and spec sheet say 11.8cr. 11.8 is consistent with Zenoah 2 cylinder fan cooled snowmobile models between 11.4 and 12cr In Chaparral sled the G25A was hooked to a Donaldson "Power-tuned" snowmobile exhaust. [email protected] rpm is consistent with the 7000rpm of other Chaparral...
  15. n3puppy

    The Lazair Ultralight

    Yes the TOA288 seems suitable for manned aircraft Passed FAA endurance test for manned aircraft certification. The fact they tested it to that spec is a good indication that they believe there is a market beyond just UAV uses...
  16. n3puppy

    440 Kawasaki PSRU design, parts, plans, sources

    Comparing the Kawasaki 440D with the 503UL is questionable. A 503UL has a different exhaust duration. The 582 and 440D have 205 degree exhaust duration A 582 making 65hp @6500 rpm = 8.9 hp/cc A Kawasaki 440D making [email protected] 6500 = 8.9cc/hp The Kawaski SB440 port diagram previously posted is...
  17. n3puppy

    Parts Wanted gasket set zenoah g25

    Look up parts for 1973 Chaparral Firebird 250 snowmobile with G25A engine. Was the fan cooled version of the G25B - no guarantee all gaskets exactly same but not much money to try - Ebay of course. Heres an other place - don't worry about the picture they use it for all gasket sets, Full...
  18. n3puppy

    Where/how to get a 12 to 25hp engine if you don't live in America.

    Not sure of your budget. (New?, Used?) Old builders guide for Whing Ding II - shows the McCulloch MC-101AA had 12 lbs weight Says "not balanced or stressed for engines over 25lbs" Used a 3.86:1 reduction pulley system. (Reduction weight??). MC-101 power 12.5Hp @ 9000 rpm. Very similar...
  19. n3puppy

    440 Kawasaki PSRU design, parts, plans, sources

    Good Points - Except there is a second potential elephant in the room. Planes don't always fly at full throttle. Pilots pull the throttle pack to cruise power/RPM. Most folks look at published dyno chart (full throttle) and think if they find 75% power on the chart they also have the rpm for...
  20. n3puppy

    440 Kawasaki PSRU design, parts, plans, sources

    Lucky Dog -Great to have an experienced pipe builder on board. My experience with pipes has been from snowmobile and sports car racing. Its a world of max hp with little consideration of the drawbacks of Peaky performance. CVT belt drives mask a lot of pipe quirks. I struggle with a simple...