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    A very nice PRSU

    You have to be Facebook literate and join the Homebuilt Aircraft Design group, so thats gonna cull alot of you, but drilling on down, Mike Hill has designed a winner, "Fusion 360 PRSU". He will use it on another of his creations the "Ultimate Experimental Seaplane". Enjoy! One very talented...
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    Carbon Fiber Composites for ultra-light Aircraft Nordic 580 Masters Thesis

    For your reading pleasure. I just look @ the pics.
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    Conversion candidate engine

    I want to buy an engine
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    Bob Barrows and his Electric Ultralight Flying Machine

    Batteries, Carbon Fiber, bonding aluminum, Mmmmm
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    Ultralight Airplane Workshop on Youtube

    Do you really want to learn something? Tune in and learn
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    Sky Pup Plans. never mind I got em

    Want to purchase a set of plans, or trade Raceair Skylite or Fitplane plans
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    Sky Pup

    I am looking for unused plans for the Sky Pup ultralight. I will purchase outright or trade. I have unused Raceair Skylite and Flitplane plans. [email protected]
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    Zigolo MG12

    Aviad has construction plans available for 100euro 117us Sweet little bird I love building plans for Christmas
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    Aussie CITS pure fuel v twin two stroke

    going down the tubes for lack of investment
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    New Tractor Gyro

    I have a ultralight gyrocopter design and will be building 6 annually starting January 2021. Power will be whatever the buyer wants, but is modelled with a 503. I am gonna use a 503 with a large 68 or 70in prop. The prerotator is a drive shaft driven bendix powered with a 20 volt variable speed...
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    Glasses (watching me)

    If I could, I would like to request that the lenses in the glasses to be changed to a golden tint as that goes better with my hair color. Thanks in advance Ben
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    Capella javelin

    I am trying to track down anything about this AC. Three view, plans, designer, any information will be helpful. Thank you in advance
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    Composites Central Forum

    Just wanted to point to a place for your reading enjoyment.
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    3/4 .035 4130 round

    What would a square carbon tube 3/4 in on PVC foam look like, approx comparable to 4130 strength. Looking for weight of reinforcement, fiber orientation. Also, S glass. The foam will have the corners knocked with a 1/8 in radius.
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    Mechanics Illustrated Ace

    Mechanics Illustrated Ace Aircraft plans wanted. I believe they appeared in a series may jun July 1955. Does anyone have a scanned copy or the originals?
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    where to start learning about Gyros?

    After looking at the VW powered, Awesome JT-5B, I find myself wanting to know more. Is there a defacto reference about the principle of operation? My first flight was in a Gyrocopter @ Farrington aviation, Paducah, Ky. So young I don't remember much about it. Any book recommendation would be...
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    Busa Powered Bearhawk LSA

    I have been hooked up hard for a while! Truckin, ripping out sheetrock and popular siding. Riding the little BMW. But I made the mistake of lookin at CycleTrader. So I bought a Suzuki Bandit. My kind of motorcycle. It is an aircooled work of art. Cycletrader again. Now it is a Hayabusa. (short...
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    Dual in a GT500

    I need some dual instruction in a gt500 around west kentucky. I just bought a Quicksilver GT 400.
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    Quicksilver GT400

    Was wanting to get any thoughts, pilot reports on this AC.