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  1. n3puppy

    BlackFly Electric Ultralight

    Openers Blackfly "Ultralight" shown at Oshkosh is apparently going on sale soon. (weeks?) Seems more like a giant drone than a plane, and CBS news report this weekend is convinced it is a flying car. I don't know how much...
  2. n3puppy

    Yamaha 4-stroke Mower engines

    Has anyone looked into the Yamaha 4 stroke engines ? (Tried search function) Yamaha Multi-Purpose Engines They have a Horizontal shaft engine that looks pretty run of the mill - [email protected] 720cc, 113lbs carb. BUT ......... Have a family of 824cc vertical shaft engines that come with carbs...
  3. n3puppy

    Static Thrust Calculator

    Can someone help me understand how to use the Static thrust calculator that is often quoted when discussing engine hp numbers? Static Thrust Calculator - STRC This is a common format I see when results are tabulated 3300 rpm with 72" Prop = 988.7 lbs of Static Thrust at 77 Degrees with a (3)...
  4. n3puppy

    Cessna 208 Electric Conversion

    MagniX has done it again - their first conversion was Harbour Airs De Havilland Now they did a Cessna Caravan 208 Sounds like maybe the same 750hp electric motor in both. MagniX and AeroTEC put all-electric Cessna airplane into the air for first time