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  1. djmcfall

    Parts For Sale FS: KX-155 with KI-208

    14 volt without glide slope. Includes tray, connectors, back plate, and harness. KI-208 with connector installed on the harness. Works good and good display. $1250 with free shipping to HB members.
  2. djmcfall

    Parts Wanted WTB - Zulu 3 headset

    I am looking for a low cost Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset with LEMO connector and coiled cord for my Carbon Cub. Broken or inoperative set will work for the right price.
  3. djmcfall

    Rotax 914

    I have a Rotax 914 with turbo. This engine has 550 TT and just completed an IRAN after the Kolb it was installed in crashed. The engine will be under warranty by Oregon Aircraft Design, who completed the IRAN complete with new ceramic seals. $14,000. I would be able to deliver to Airventure with...
  4. djmcfall

    Wingtip Nav lights/strobe system ***SOLD***

    This is a nice double flash wing tip strobe complete with compact power supply and both wing tip Nav/strobe lights. Same footprint and looks as standard Whelen and Grimes units. Manufactured for Experimental/Light Sport aircraft. $175 and I pay for shipping.
  5. djmcfall

    VFR/IFR Bendix King KLN-89B GPS

    Includes a nice looking unit with a clear display, tray, backplate, connectors, NavData card, GPS antenna, CDI for IFR installation, pilot's manual, quick reference card AND a complete pre wired harness ready to install in your aircraft. Great working unit with everything. $550 and free...
  6. djmcfall


    Bendix King VOR/ILS/GS indicator. Looks almost new. $1350.00 with free shipping. Also avalible is an Approach Systems Fast Stack cable for the KI-209A for $100. [email protected]
  7. djmcfall

    FS Bracket Air Filter assembly for experimental.

    FREE just pay $12 for S&H. Model BA-4106. Not to be used on certified aircraft. Mailed check or PayPal.
  8. djmcfall

    Aircraft circuit breaker lot

    11 Cessna type circuit breakers. These are push to reset, not pull type. 2 thru 60 amp. $25 for all. [email protected]
  9. djmcfall

    FS Aircraft circuit breakers.

    FS, I have 11 aircraft circuit breakers I bought for a project then sold the kit. $35 free shipping.
  10. djmcfall

    FS - 11 Aircraft Circuit Breakers

    Not Klixton type, they are the type found in Cessna aircraft. Four 2 Amp, Three 5 Amp, One each 8, 10, 15, 60 Amp. $50 for the lot and I pay shipping. Perfect for that experimental or replacements.
  11. djmcfall

    FS David Clark H10-66

    David Clark Helicopter headset. The H10-66 is similar to the H10-76 but has a dual impedance switch on the ear cup, allowing you to switch from low (Military) to High (GA). These are a great helicopter headset for someone flying Military and Civilian General Aviation aircraft. I can text or...
  12. djmcfall

    NEW ICOM A25C sport.

    Brand new in the box IC-25C Sport handheld com with headset adapter and alkaline battery pack. $245 shipped.
  13. djmcfall

    Rotax Gray Head

    Removed from a Kitfox for a 912 upgrade. Been stored on the airplane in a hangar. 30 hours TT since new. Includes electric start, oil injection and radiator. $2988, picked up in Idaho or will ship for actual cost.
  14. djmcfall

    Yaesu FTA 750L

    New in the box. Aviation handheld com with Nav, weather, and GPS navigation. Includes both rechargeable battery and alkaline battery pack, headset adapter, antenna and all accessories and paperwork that comes with this unit. $360 and I will pay Priority Mail insured and tracking. Call or text...
  15. djmcfall

    Anti-Collision Beacon

    I have a Aero-Flash quartz halogen beacon removed from a Cessna 182 for new LED replacement. This is the standard small light on top of the fin of most Cessna aircraft sold after 1967. Included is the power supply unit, plugs, cable and light unit with mounting ring and back flash device so it...