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    Is the rotax 447 a safe engine?

    Here is my two cents. I have run Rotax for many years. 447'503,582,618, and 670. These were all engines that were original in snowmobiles. These engines are very reliable for the person who know how to maintain them. The 447 being the simplest. You need to use the right oil as you mix it with...
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    So I did a thing today....

    Great feeling isn't it? Way to go!!!!!!!!!!
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    What are you doing in addition to flying?

    I am retired now for 4 years. I fly a lot. Fly my Titan Tornado I mostly in the winter with skis and heat. I fly my Sport Copter Vortex in the summer. 3-4 times a week. I keep my eye on all the coyotes in the country as I hunt them all winter long. Then there is the grandkids. What can I say...
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    Do you have a sawmill?

    No it's not just you. I often wonder what the message is. If I have to study it, I'm gone,
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    Hello from Idaho

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of information and experience here on just about anything flyable. Don't be afraid to ask.
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    lower piston ring is stuck on 1 end. what to do?

    The only way to know for sure is to monitor the exhaust gas temps. 1100 deg is where you want to be. The recommended jets and needles by Rotax for the 503 gets it very close.
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    lower piston ring is stuck on 1 end. what to do?

    I would install new rings and possibly pistons. Check the rods for blue color of overheating. Do you have oil injection? If so, is it working? Also, do you have one carb or two? Exhaust temps when this happened? May be starved on the pto end. Not sure that stuck ring stuck on one end is the...
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    Olde Pilots Versus New Pilots

    On my last check ride the instructor(who was fresh out of school) was surprised I knew how to navigate via VOR.
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    Thanks for having me

    You're in for a great ride and a lot of fun. I am not a builder. I put together a Tbird II once. I couldn't get it together fast enough so I could fly it. Probably not a great strategy. Take your time and make a piece of art that fits you and flies great. You will get a lot of help here. Have fun.
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    503 DCDI engine failure.

    Also thinking maybe the flywheel slipped or is loose which will screw up your timming.
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    503 DCDI engine failure.

    You've got a tuff one here. It does sound like its electrical but check your fuel tank vent. A plugged vent could somewhat act this way. The hard part here is there are two separate ignition systems that don't have a common part unless you only have one kill switch. You also have two separate...
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    Jabiru 2200 or 582? Discuss, please

    I have removed the oil injection on 3 of my aircraft. In my opinion its a cheap system and no positive way to meter the oil to each cylinder. I know of two instances where one side got oil and the other didn't. This takes out the crank bearing. Rotax Rick also recommends removal. Mixing the oil...
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    Jabiru 2200 or 582? Discuss, please

    First I'm not an expert on Jabiru. I like the 4 stroke and have considered this engine many times as it looks good and its 4 stroke. But when I asked basically the same question when buying my Titan Tornado, I got a lot of negative info on the Jabiru. I have owned several 582's in different...
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    Rotax 618ul

    I have a gyrocopter with a 618 also. I just went through this. I had a 66 inch Powerfin prop with 3-1 hears in an Ebox. I spoke with Powerfin, Warp Drive, Hirth, and Rotax. All agreed that if I use 3-1 gears that I need a 70 inch prop. I went with 2.62 gears with the 66 inch Powerfin with great...
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    RiggerRob, this ones for you.

    Here, hold my beer!!!!!!
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    Parts For Sale 3-1 gear set for Rotax E Gearbox

    I have a set of 3-1 gears for sale. $350.00.
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    Rotax 618 piston scoring

    I've heard a lot of negative comments on the 618 scoring pistons and RAVE valve issues. (sticking) . I purchased a Sport Copter with a new rebuilt 618. The RAVE valve is supposed to open at 6200 RPM to give it more airflow out the exhaust at high RPM and close below 6200 for higher compression...