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    Rules? Repowering certified aircraft with experimental engine

    As title states what is rules say taking an older cessna and repowering or powering it with an experimental such as an auto conversion? Does the plane now get registered as experimental? I could care less about it being certified. But buying an older airframe and putting an auto conversion on it...
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    Parts For Sale Subaru ej25 and spg-5 psru

    Selling a 2019 subaru sti shortblock. Currently it is missing the drivers rear piston. Bought it this way. I have for it first overbore diamond racing pistons for it. Block will need bored for new pistons. Also included is a set of 2.5 rs sohc cylinder heads. Heads should be gone through. Also...
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    Psru bellhousing

    Looking for thoughts on the psru bellhousing or adapter to the engine. Run something similar to an enclosed bellhousing that encases and closes off the flywheel, adapter, drive coupler. Or a machined "engine plate" with spacers to mount the gearbox allowing cooling to the rubber damper...
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    Improving fuselage shape

    Searched and didnt find similar topic so posting one. Just got my pro composites vision plans and sadly not content with the boxy fuselage shape with radiused corners. So with that being said can the fuselage shape be modified. Prety much a poor mans lancair or glassair. As long as i keep the...
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    Composite seats

    What is temhe average weight of fabricated seats and their upholstery? Ive got my eye on some very nice, comfortable, semi padded carbon race seats. They are made by tillet and have provisions for harnesses. Did i say super comfortable. I could not make a better seat. Seing if anyone has...
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    Engine offset

    When doing auto conversion with a grlearbox that reverses rotation (spg-5 on subaru) does the offset of the engine change to the opposite side as say a lycoming, continental or other would with a standard rotation prop? Two other subaru installations are using marcote gearbox and with its...
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    Turboprop style cowling for water cooled auto conversion

    Ive been mulling this around in my head for a while. Ive read almost all the watercooled topics on here. So if planning on a p51 style belly scoop for the radiator could one run a turbo prop looking engine cowling up front that has the large scoop looking inlet under the spinner for the...
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    Drive coupler for scavenge pump

    seing what type of coupler system one would trust. Have few options. Driving a 4 stage scavenge pump off back of the cam. A hex drive like most dry sump pumps are driven on sprint cars and few other applications off front or rear of cam. Or a lovejoy finger type coupler with the damper...
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    No crank pulley

    mentioned this in another thread but seing what thoughts are. On internally ballanced subaru thoughts on not running a standard crank pulley for the acessory drive (alternator only) ,but instead running a cog tooth pulley on front of crank to drive alternator. My thoughts is loose weight of...
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    4/6 rib belt or cog on alternator

    working out alternator setup on subaru and thinking 8mm cog tooth belt setup. No slip, runs less tension. Seing if there are any pros to running a 4/6 rib belt over a cog setup aside from availability. Cog belt ill be running is 8mm round tooth honda ballance shaft drive belt so available at...
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    Subaru cad files

    not mine but found them searching. Have to download grabcad but can open files with fusion 360.
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    Anyone actually doing a conversion

    scrolling through posts only see about 3 flying conversions. Is anyone actually doing a conversion or just talking about it. So far only ones with real info are rv6ejguy And russel with the h6 glassair. Lots of info all over including info from maxwell propulsions who is no longer about...
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    Pro composites vision plans

    any plans out there from anyone not going to build or finish build. Looking before i buy from pro composites.
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    Composite intake manifold

    just like title says. Ideas and thoughts on composite intake manifold. For intake runners use the carbon sock over a foam plug? Or do a 2 piece mold and lay carbon in conventionally. Next is how to bond to aluminum hrad flanges? Do you create a flange and sandwich them with epoxy between 2...
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    Flywheel for ej25

    looking at what others think on this topic. Hoping airtrikes will comment and others as well. Topic is chromolly, aluminum, or stamped steel flexplate for subaru ej25 with a reduction drive. And what weight? So airtrikes said in emails any flywheel will work with their spg-5 gearbox and...
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    Standard alternator or stator

    I have had this on my mind for a while now. But what is considered better or more acceptable. A standard alternator or a permenant magnet generator (3 phase stator, magnetic rotor and voltage regulator)? Pros to an alternator is internal or external regulator, can be turned on and off...
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    Changing cg for heavier firewall forward weight

    wasnt sure where to post this but if have chosen a plane and chosen the powerplant, and the firewalk forward weight is heavier than the design calls for. Could the cg of the plane be changed before construction to compensate for the known firewall forward weight. The plane is pro composites...
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    looking to see what alternator people are using. if using automotive alternator (denso) staying internaly regulated or modifying for external regulator and being able to manually shut off the field with a switch. here is link i found to converting auto alternator and making it "airworthy"...
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    taking the plunge, honda auto to aircraft conversion

    ^^^ like title says. Diving in and taking the plunge to converting a honda s2000 engine for aircraft use. Was going to go subaru route but ditched the idea when i realized i had a spare s2000 engine and with years of building and modifying them i trust one more than a subaru engine. engine is...
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    mercruiser 470

    hello, after rebuilding one of these for a customers airboat would make a realy nice airplane engine. Its half of a ford 460 big block. stock form has aluminum block and iron head but any aftermarket head for a 460 big block ford will fit. so lots of aftermarket support. also it was used as...