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    Parts For Sale 3-1 gear set for Rotax E Gearbox

    I have a set of 3-1 gears for sale. $350.00.
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    Rotax 618 piston scoring

    I've heard a lot of negative comments on the 618 scoring pistons and RAVE valve issues. (sticking) . I purchased a Sport Copter with a new rebuilt 618. The RAVE valve is supposed to open at 6200 RPM to give it more airflow out the exhaust at high RPM and close below 6200 for higher compression...
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    Key West Airspeed indicator

    I'm looking for the impeller sender for a Key West airspeed indicator. It has a 4 blade impeller that drives it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    New to forum, not to flying.

    Hi, I'm not building, just flying. Have owned and flown Cessnas, taylorcraft, Quad City Challengers, Tbird II, Rans S9, Benson gyro, Air Command gyro, Sportcopter gyro, and now a Titan Tornado. Love to fly. Live in Minnesota.