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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    All P337’s have turbos. I flew a G model from TX to CA at 16,000’-very nice ride.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    Take the front engine off and install this engine. It’s going into ad-cats right now.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    I like this push pull design. Gotta get me one.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    Yup, the wwII GERMAN Dornier DO-335 Phiel (Anteater) was a fine (fastest) wW ii piston plane. A composite replica would be the cats meow.
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    Contra-Rotating Propellers

    Do a vibration analysis for sure with aircraft props mounted? Torsional harmonics could be the bane of any gearbox/crankshaft.
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    Easier mould-making for a ultralight Low Aspect Ratio

    Ok, how about how to do a modified cowl nose bowl? Who could scan the existing cowl, modify the scan, then use a dxf file to cut a foam reverse mold for me? Or lay up the new nose bowl for a test fit? I may want to made several after they Or, how would I make a mold of the original bowl and...
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    $10 gallon Avgas

    You will probably save big time on decreased engine wear-no spark plug fouling anymore, cleaner valves, better oil possibilities w/o lead-like full synthetics.
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    $10 gallon Avgas

    Yes, I did but so far have not seen the AML of the expanded list of engines and airframes. Unleaded gas is much better for my engine, but it has to be 100 octane. AOPA & AVWEB both released the news. Now GAMI has to figure how to commercialize its formulation and distribution, however!
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    EarthX Lithium Batteries reaches new heights!

    When is the 12v C177RG STC going to be released? Any projections? I guess I’ll need to wire up a lead for the battery condition indicator in the panel? It’s important as the battery is in the back of the plane.
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    Parts For Sale Ross aero PSRU for Mazda Rotary

    I’m interested in both the Cozy and the Mazda/redrive as well. What ratio drive TC unit are you putting on the GG? Always liked those GGs. I’m also a rotary fan, having several 13Bre TT engines and a 20b. Wonder if the W/B on the Cozy would accommodate a 20B.
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    Coolest things at Oshkosh 2022?

    I saw the German Scalewings P.51 kit at OSH, VERY impressive. They sold for $265K at the show. Two of my neighbors bought them each one, but they both are going for the BMW 12 cy engine, not the Rotax. But even the Rotax model is impressive.
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    The Switchblade flying car is using a ducted fan design. They are at the test flying stage, but I have my doubts. They just modified the duct to get closer blade clearances. They say they have a ‘special consultant’ for the fan design? Comments?
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    Veloce 600, 6 seat pressurized twin auto-converted engines.

    The Mistral planetary PSRU handled 300+ hp, had a CS hydraulic governor drive, and aux alternator belt drive and was bullet proof. To bad they won’t/didn’t release the engineering for others to manufacture! Not sure what happened to their firm-appears to be in limbo. They put them on the Mazda...
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    Q for engineers: How do proven cogbelt or multi-V reductions survive without 'damping' mechanism?

    Mistral certainly tamed the resonance beast with their planetary redrive. Too bad nobody makes it now, but there were several out there.
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    ACE redrives for most commercial engines.

    Looking for an in line planetary reduction drive. Capable of CS control, handle ~300 hp, 2.5/1 reduction or more? Question: why do turboprop jet engines use planetaries? Cause they WORK. And they handle high rpm’s well!
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    The difference between winglets and higher a/r

    In essence, a longer wing makes up for a winglet. And my vgs didint decrease my top cruise TAS airspeed of 153 kts.
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    Excellent video on making reliable power in a Mazda Rotary engine

    Let’s all just get back to the superlative design and potential of the Mazda rotary engine design. Mistral almost made it commercial.
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    Sport aviation in and around Vermont?

    Are there any Airparks in Vermont? If so, they usually have an active home builders scene. Perhaps purchasing a lot would let you get started on a hanger to build in?
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    Thread Rename: How to build a dynamometer for an aero engine running a prop ?

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but a spring scale tied to a firm structural tailmember, a big stout tree, and let er rip? Read the ft/lbs.
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    Craigslist today..

    I’m interested. Who to contact?