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    Bourke engine viability?

    It will be fun to scheme and the essential parts have run well but not in same engine. Some clever ,well educated engineers from Esso lubrication laboratory near Southhampton UK was allowed money ,time and workshop to make an X Parson Epicyclic fourcylinder fourstroke. Time was around...
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    It is often termed a recuperated gas turbine.
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    Contra-Rotating Propellers

    If You gain 30 % efficiency the original single prop was work of genious. A wise rotating machinery guy Stanley Hooker once said that making more than 90% takes a genious as does lower than 70%
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    A certain mr Rutan once said that he would never again put something in front of propeller
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    Hummel is flying an Ultracruiser with a Predator

    Is said Predator engine a 0.67 litre.4000rpm,22 horsepower and 50 kg engine that can propel a Hummel Ultra with a 200lbs pilot?
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    Aircraft efficiency, a tool and list of Equivalent Flat Plate Areas of various planes

    It is not fair to compare AR- 5 with a twinseat glider as the AR-5 has a lot of extra drag from cooling of engine. Latest piston engine warplanes got a little extra thrust from cooling. A kind of ram jet . Ram jets are not realistic under mach 0.5 0r so.
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    AirVenture 2022: Where have all the Ultralights gone?

    Read the Gami patent. Roughly half of G100UL is modified benzene compounds that improves octane rating solidly. The benzene content of ordinary mogas is limited to one percent as it is a proven carciogenic. If I was public servant,I would not love to put signature on permission. It will be an...
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    That is my favourite aeroplane as well if pulled by an electric motor on nose ,supplied from two gensets around strut -wing junction. What is best in a crash? Two live vires up front or running engine, tankage and fuel pipes?
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    EAGLE and Gami G100UL

    Thank You for link.Very informative. Sounds like what pre WWll german fuel chemists could dream up to save lead required for other use. Is it more carciogenic than pure iso-oktane?
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    EAGLE and Gami G100UL

    Is there any public knowledge of what makes G100UL work? It is laudable to displace lead but if the cure relies on some exotic substance it migth be unobtainable soon? If patents are more than two years old they are public and I will love to read them. Not to compete but to admire.
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    An engine simulation expert has run a simulation with two exhaust valves of 32 mm diameter and got a BMEP of 8.5 making 34 horsepower at 60 rps in the proposed less than 20 kg engine. No turbo or tuned exhaust. Only thing is that postal drone engines are better serviced and cooled not inverted...
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    Chineese drone powerplant 6kW 7.2 kg 6 kW 7.2 kg Junkerators can better this ratio and be more frugal.
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    I had to think it over.The valved two strokes can maybe do a god job for aircrafts that has all motor mass up front. The thread here is for planes where total engine mass up front is not very good. My proposal is to put an electric motor/prop on nose and put an IC genset on each wing. In that...
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    There is a good example here Drone engine
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    not really but if You do some searching on two cylinder opposed two strokes for direct drive drone engines and list cylinder volume,max claimed power/revs plus mass we can make a good guesstimate as specific mass of eletric machines can be found as well.
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    You are closer to Graz than me and Czech people have some very smart engine designer/manufacturers and very good electric people also. My information comes from papers for session 5 from 2020. smart two strokes
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    Problems in designing a small aircraft.

    For a single seat: A 8kg 30kW electrig motor up front and two 15kw/10 kg range extenders from battery cars,one on each wing. Pilot somewhere in between. People at TU Graz in Austria are seaching for best range extener configuration. Results to be shown on a two stroke conference in september on...
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    The philosophy of the Windracer postal drone is that the autopilot will be fast and faultless if one engine quits. In manual twins with propellers turning same direction ,stoppage of one side is more critical than the other side. Can a member please educate us single simples why? Two of my two...
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    A simple sketch of my present favourite dream for making a 30 horsepower 60 rps aircraft engine. Distance between crank and camshaft center is ca 300mm. It is half a litre and have a little lower max pressure than the Hirth 504 that was 25kg per litre dry. My two stroke single is basicly...
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    More numbers from MZ 301 Crankpin diameter 33mm ,active width 22mm Lower needle bearing 33*38*22 mm 76 mm piston mass 340 gram naked.