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  1. sonex293

    Whatever happed to Synergy by McGinnes?

    Lots of build pictures on their Facebook page. Although last updated in March..
  2. sonex293

    Oshkosh 2022

    I remember someone saying the Ultralight field will be moving in the future so Vintage can expand. Where exactly are they thinking of moving the Ultralight field to?
  3. sonex293

    Waiex (sonex) with a Corvair

    Congrats on the Waiex. I flew a older Sonex as both a nose wheel and then later as a tail wheel with a Jabiru 3300 up front. Couldn't tell you the all in weight of the Jabiru 3300, but CG was perfect and I could put anything I wanted in the baggage area. Even had a folding bicycle back there...
  4. sonex293

    Sharing My 3D Printed Grip With PTT Switch Design

    Well I was hoping to pull the design files into FreeCAD to make changes. No luck there. I can get the STL, STP, IGES files into FreeCAD, but it is all one surface. I might try a few modifications with TinkerCAD, but it will be a lot more difficult with the interior wire routing channels for...
  5. sonex293

    Sharing My 3D Printed Grip With PTT Switch Design

    Thanks so much for doing this. I printed all three out for size yesterday. I also used the new "Fuzzy" surface feature of PRUSA Slicer on one grip and really like the results! I printed at 0.3 draft height and happy with the both the quality and speed. To print all three at once took about...
  6. sonex293

    Sharing My 3D Printed Grip With PTT Switch Design

    I agree. I've created a few 3D printed items for my build. I've used TinkerCAD and FreeCAD for part design. Anytime I find an aircraft part on Thingiverse I mark it as a favorite and download the files. I wish I had the space for a CNC router (i.e. Shopbot or equivalent). This stick grip...
  7. sonex293

    New Sonex High Wing Design

    As Cy V stated, it will have a stick. Center stick will be out the door first. Dual controls based on demand. --
  8. sonex293

    Ultralight Airplane Workshop on Youtube

    There are quite a few polished Sonex aircraft out there using 6061-T6, so it does polish up nicely!
  9. sonex293

    Jabiru 3300A

    Jabiru 3300 6 Cylinder Engine with Test Stand Hydraulic Lifter Model S/N 33A-1048/33L-0011 190 Hours Total / Fresh Top-end OH (1/2 Hr Stand Run) Running on Engine Stand SDS Electronic Fuel Injection System (EM-4) 2x Walbro GSL-393 Fuel Pumps Muffler CAMIT Exhaust Seal Kit Available (not...
  10. sonex293

    Highlander kit and Oratex

    Yes, Just Aircraft will give you a credit for the fabric and glue. I bought my Highlander kit a year ago and wasn't sure which fabric system I was going to use, so I pulled it out of the order. I'm still not sure and have some time to decide. I'm leaning toward Stewart System right now, but...
  11. sonex293

    Aerocarb tuning

    I agree with TJay. I had the AeroCarb on my Jabiru 3300 and eventually got it to run fine with the AeroCarb. I wasn't a fan of the the coarse threads for the needle adjustment, but the carb did function fine in my situation. I had NO fuel pump and ran a gravity feed fuel system. Anything...
  12. sonex293

    Blue Mountain Avionics User's Group

    Hey Guys, I know a few of you are still flying behind Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS systems. I too have one of the orphaned systems in my aircraft. Up until recently, Greg has been keeping the User Discussion group going on his website. We'll it finally went away and now there's no...
  13. sonex293

    Paul Lipps (designed) "elippse" propellers

    I have seem comments between Jack and Paul that indicate they are in agreement on many aspects of prop design. I have Jack's book, but haven't started it yet. -- Michael
  14. sonex293

    Electric Powered Fixed Wing U/L

    Actually, the picture is from the single place Moni motor glider being converted by Electraflyer... a much earlier design by John Monnett. The Xenos is a two seat design based on the Sonex/Waiex airframe. From the press release, he plans to fly it at Airventure later this month. It would...
  15. sonex293

    Electric Powered Fixed Wing U/L

    Thanks for answering the questions posed by Litespeed, Charlie. I've been out town and finally got in. -- Michael
  16. sonex293

    Electric Powered Fixed Wing U/L

    The Waiex isn't flying yet. I'm hoping to see it airborne at Oshkosh this year. I'm building a Sonex, and @ 650lbs empty, it is going to take some good batteries to get good flying time. I'm really excited to see where all this is going. - - Michael Sonex #293... really close to flying!
  17. sonex293

    Mitchell U-2

    You've found this website, right? -- Michael
  18. sonex293

    TruTrak Flight Systems Group

    Just thought I would pass along the info that a new Yahoo! Group has been created for the TruTrak Flight Systems autopilots. It can be found at -- Michael
  19. sonex293

    News - APAME Announces Electric Flight

    Found the following information on the EAA's website Interesting that he chose a Monnett design. -- Michael Crowder Sonex #293