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    Fairey D-III Float Plane

    I came across the Fairey D-III while watching a documentary on float planes. What interests me is the float arrangement, as I have considered something similar for my ultralight design. My concern has been that it is different from the traditional pontoon arrangement and I don't know what...
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    Laser cutting aluminum questions

    I'm working on a tube and gusset design and starting to think about how to make the parts. Can anyone here inform me on dealing with the heat issues of laser cutting gusset parts? I've heard conflicting information depending on the aluminum alloy being used. I'm thinking of using 6061-T6...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    I've been wondering what folks would consider an affordable ultralight that would be ground breaking in one form or another. It seems that in the ultralight market, price is a big consideration and the largest factor determining sales volume. My impression is that paragliders are the cheapest...
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    Push-Pull control tube fabrication

    I need to build some push-pull control tubes like the one shown at the end of the tutorials shown on this page (scroll to the bottom): How to install Push-Pull Tubes & Cable Rigging in Aircraft The instructions reference a part "CC-29 End Plug". I have not been able to locate a source this...
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    Experimental Aircraft Control Concept: Raked Swing-Wingtip

    I'm spinning off this new thread from the thread Anti-Spin Ideas - There, I had proposed the concept of using a wing design that replaces the standard aileron with an outboard raked swing-wingtip that would trade sweep and...
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    Anti-Spin Ideas

    This thread is derived from a conversation that was going on the thread "Crashes In the News". The discussion had to do with the ways that aircraft design could be improved to reduce loss-of-control accidents, and specifically to improve the spin characteristic of an aircraft by...