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    Biplanes: Replacing streamlined wires with stranded cables

    My 46 T Craft from the factory had 5 tucks on rudder cables. The wrapped /solder along with 5 tuck splice were part of my A&P training at Embry Riddle back in 72 & 73.
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    Looking for 1-26 advice

    If you have questions i can probably answer most of them been flying 1-26 since 1987 and have rebuilt two working an a 3rd.
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    Looking for 1-26 advice

    Join the 1-26 association its just a few bucks lots of people to help. I have two A models one flyable the other a gift project of a long time member that recently passed.
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    G'Day, I'm one of those new kids - building one of those fandangle multicopters that are all the rage these days ;)

    I agree probability of multiple engine out due to controllers or battery system failure is higher than a motor problem so for 20lbs add a ballistic chute should address safety concern
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    Would this require an STC... C182 question

    If i read the description correctly your replacing a washer with a plate that will carry the crash loads of the fire extinguisher added to the loads imparted by the pilot to the original designed belt attachment brackets. I believe analysis of the original bracket system with the additional...
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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    I was 5 or 6 maybe 7 and it was in my Granddad's Tcraft . The big orange knob made a lot of noise and we landed on a postage stamp
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    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    My glider horizontal tail has about. 3” difference in height over the 8 foot span. Most people who have flown it never notice. However after nearly 500 hours of thermaling in both left and right hand turns i have noted coordinated turns and climb rates at min sink are ever so slightly better and...
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    Which welder should i use to build a airplane frame?

    Use of propane and O2 to stress relieve the heat affected zone should be very doable. As the flame can reach 3000 F Acetalynee and O2 reach 4000 F To achieve Annealing and normalizing take precise temperature and fairly long stable temperatures with a slow cool down. But reducing the stress...
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    Is there a cheapest/lightest/simplest wing structure other than aluminium tube and fabric?

    I agree with you it was well designed, I was a student at Embry Riddle, Victor Tildel our aerodynamics prof was heavily involved with Emmet Tally in the design of the TL-1. We worked on the wing parts after classes. Tisdel also worked on aerodynamics for a stock car driver, his name escapes me...
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    Cantilever Internal Braced Fabric Covered Wing

    Use the compression struts and two sets of drag anti drag wires one near upper skin surface and other adjacent to the lower surface this should provide the torsional stiffness at lower speeds
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    Operate from 450 feet of grass?

    Typically distance to clear a 50 ft obstical is 2 to 2.5 times the takeoff roll and that is on low density altitude days cut down trees at both ends 100 ft wide sell the lumber
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    Aluminum extrusion spar web.

    schweizer used extruded angles as spar caps riveted to sheet metal web with periodic vertical stiffeners. Inboard was built up I shape a outboard became C shape. Also inboard ends the webs were stacked/laminated for large diameter bolt attachment and wings were full cantilever no struts. spars...
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    Struts on a Glider

    I Fly a SGS 1-26 glider and those X country retrieves are shorter, more frequent but a lot shorter. However just as much fun as the $100K glass stuff for &10k or less. 30 years And a 1000 hours In sn053 and I find the stories we tell are not about the long flights but the bird saves and retrieves.