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  1. Dana

    gauge accuracy

    How accurate should I expect an engine gauge be? 1%? 2% 5%? Never had any trouble with the oil temp gauge in my Hatz until yesterday, when it maxed out at 150° on a hot day when it should have been at least 190°, as it was on the previous flight. Can't think of any scenario that would make...
  2. Dana

    Propeller to cowl clearance

    Something I haven't seen discussed, can't find much online, didn't cover it in school: what is the effect of prop to cowl spacing on thrust? Certainly most of the prop's work comes from the outer portion of the blades, but the inboard portions are still doing something, if they're not totally...
  3. Dana

    For the first time in 35 years... wife finally consented to go flying with me. We had a number of flying "adventures" in our twenties that left her with no desire to fly with me again (stupid twentysomething that I was), and then I had a string of single seat aircraft. But today, we flew the Hatz from Chester (SNC) to...
  4. Dana

    Wiring dillemna

    Debating on how to handle some wiring changes in my Hatz... Right now I have three switches and two fused circuits: master, com and nav (the latter being a USB power port and a cigarette lighter socket, it originally powered a VOR that I removed). The fuses are tubular glass fuses in...
  5. Dana

    Parking brake idea

    My plane currently doesn’t have a parking brake. It has the low pressure Scott diaphragm master cylinders that include the heel brake pedals, paired with the usual Cleveland brakes. Normally, the parking brake is a valve that blocks the lines to the calipers after applying the brakes with your...
  6. Dana

    Political posts - please read

    Lately, we moderators have had to spend too much time moderating political posts. As you are all aware, the HBA code of conduct says that off topic / hot button / political issues should not be discussed here. We try to give some slack, and we don’t read every thread all the time, but when we...
  7. Dana

    50 drone motors

    As Tucker Gott said, "just the right balance of sketchy and questionable."
  8. Dana

    Goodspeed Airport (42B, CT) fly-in 8/21-22

    Fly-in at Goodspeed Airport right on the Connecticut River this weekend. On field camping, evening bonfires, restaurants an easy walk. I stopped there this evening for dinner and just had to take this picture of my plane next to another old taildragger...
  9. Dana

    A few days in the biplane life, and my oldest ever passenger

    Time to spare? Go by air! Every year, my brother in law Mike hosts a midweek fly-in and barbecue at his private airstrip near Utica in central NY, but weather or other commitments always prevented me from attending, so although I’d visited by car numerous times I’d never flown in. This year...
  10. Dana

    The big video topic - 2021

    Since the old "big video thread" is now ten years old and has 1,681 posts, time for a new one. I'll start with this one, which was recently posted on the Biplane Forum:
  11. Dana

    Back in the USSR

    This thread has had a mixture of good and bad information, and civil and less than civil discussion. As it's not related to homebuilt airplanes in any way, the moderators have decided to remove the discussion. Any further discussions of the current plague, its treatment, or the politics...
  12. Dana

    Icon needed

    We need this icon (stolen from POA). Does the forum software allow individual new icons to be added?
  13. Dana

    Prop pitch, rpm, and performance

    As I’ve related elsewhere, I’ve been experimenting with a new prop on my Hatz. I don’t want to dilute that discussion, which is more about data collection, while here I want to talk more generally about rpm, pitch, and performance. First, the engine, which is a Lycoming O-290-D which has a...
  14. Dana

    Testing, data collection, but poor data

    Yesterday I tested a new prop on my Hatz. The test is inconclusive, with some oddities (more on that later). The test was a series of climbs with first the old, and then the new prop. The flights were recorded with an old Garmin 60CSx which has a pressure sensor, so it's a lot more accurate...
  15. Dana

    The other side

    Tonight was a good flying evening, if out of the norm for me. My wife is out of town and there's not much in the fridge, so as it was a beautiful evening for flying I figured I'd fly up to Hartford, CT for dinner, there's a nice restaurant on the field. HFD is a tower field and this would be...
  16. Dana

    Old thread warning

    On the Pilots of America forums, if you try to reply to an old thread (more than 1 year, I think), you get this: Is this something we can add here? POA is also on Xenforo.
  17. Dana

    Local fly-in

    Yesterday was a pretty good day, if with obstacles along the way. Every spring, the owner of a local private strip has a big party at the field. This year seven of us from my home field planned to fly in for the event. The weather forecast was kind of gloppy, IFR improving to marginal VFR...
  18. Dana

    Flight testing with GPS logs

    Today I went out to do some performance testing on my Hatz, as I need accurate numbers to spec out a new propeller. The results were mixed and surprising. First I checked the airspeed indicator with a homemade water manometer. It showed the ASI was dead on between 50-100 knots. Next, I...
  19. Dana

    image problems

    Trying to include an image in a post using the "insert image" button, no matter what image I pick I get "invalid url". But if I manually use the [ IMG ] tags, no problem.
  20. Dana

    Wing ID

    Any idea what these wings are from? They're leaning against the back wall of my [shared] hangar, and nobody seems to know whose they are or what they're from or how long they've been gathering dust there. I'm guessing Piper, judging from the shape of the tailfeathers next to them, but what...