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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Bingelis has a few pages on this in one of his books.
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    My newbie obsessive questions about VW repair

    NOT High Temp. That stuff has a lot of metal salts in it, and it HOLDS heat in. Just flat black Rustoleum. I have a junk toaster oven I use to BAKE painted metal parts in after they dry to the touch, cheap, super durable, and will resist the hot oil temperature, and keep the rust away...
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    My newbie obsessive questions about VW repair

    WRT heads, check out this comparison You want to be able to see through the heads around the valves. As you can see, there is a lot of difference. The new EMPI heads (not sure they are pictured here) are very good in this respect...
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    My newbie obsessive questions about VW repair

    And WRT to, I found this recent post from someone who orders a lot more than I ever have: "I tend to spread my ACVW parts purchases between 4 different vendors., CB Performance, AA Pistons and Wolfsburg West. Never spent a penny at J-Bugs or CIP1. ACN, is my go to...
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    My newbie obsessive questions about VW repair

    John at Aircooled.Net has been VERY helpful with advice and will NOT sell junk. Everything he sells he's personally vetted. I'm not sure what to make of this notice. I'll have to go to Shop Talk Forums or The Samba (two good forums, like this one, for all things Air Cooled VW) to see what's...
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    My newbie obsessive questions about VW repair

    There are are lot of questions here, and I'm just going to address a few: try and find "Without Guesswork" AKA "Technical Data For Workshop Use". It has tolerances and wear limits for many things on the whole car, but includes the engine. Unfortunately, I don't know where I got my copy, a...
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    WW1 wood grading (non spruce)

    There is a long thread on this Wood Construction Resources
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    Looking for advice - stress cracks on canopy trim

    It's been over a year since the canopy on my project was finished (by Others) - it was glued on the frame with Sikaflex, per many RV builders. But the lower trim pieces on either side of the canopy at the upper longerons were riveted on, with STAINLESS rivets, and they have stress cracked pretty...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Thanx delta, try this
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Lots of recent progress documented here
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    Airplane For Sale Sonerail IILT on Facebook Marketplace Clearly has flown, looks to be all there. Wings should IDEALLY be attached with industrial taper pins, but bolts will work.
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    Want a Kohler Twin to mess with? Facebook Marketplace I've seen several similar deals, this one is in Edinburg VA. For hop-up parts, see Midwest Super Cubs or Zach Kerber. Ace Aviation and Lonestar Hovercraft have reduction drives, Competition Propellers and Universal Hovercraft have hubs...
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    No way that will make Part 103, but those all look like good changes, albeit adding weight.
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    Fuel Trailers

    Apparently Harbor Freight Jerry Cans are quite good. I'm thinking of mounting TWO on racks on a hitch ball mount, to keep Mogas out of the back of my HHR. I'm perplexed why you can't buy such a thing, but it should be pretty easy to fabricate. Leaded AvGas is going away, but a true drop in...
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    EMT Conduit connectors for projects: Maker Pipe

    This is way cheaper than the unistrut and associated connectors I used to make my weld-free engine test stand. For non-flight hardware that does need to be somewhat robust, I like the looks of it.
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    Aircraft for the common man, homebuilt or kit....

    I think for a single place, a Hummel H-5. Good plans, the tricky (welded) bits are available from the new owners, easy to fly, nice speed range (lo to high), plenty of power with a full VW conversion. Pulled rivets, all aluminum. Tri-gear available for the usual spam can driver. You MIGHT be...
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    Sonex Onex, Tom Cruise and an opportunity..

    I think I might know this plane. And it's builder. If the name "TJ" is in any way associated with this sale...that tells all. Before you pull the trigger, make SURE you can get it insured. Or, figure out if you're OK with it NOT being insured, at all - no liability, no hull insurance. In the...
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    SDS Ignition

    I just noticed Ross has updated the VW page of his web site with nice detail pictures of Peter van Schalkwyk's full EFI system on his Waiex. I like the way he's handled the crank trigger bracketry - the "flying magnets" are on a McMaster Carr split shaft collar on the prop hub, and a short...
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    Thoughts on project planes

    Picture Judging from the images, at least 6 were built.
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    SDS Ignition

    Pictures please, in particular, how you dealt with the Hall Effect sensors and the "flying magnets". Direct Message me if you don't want to post publicly. I'm close to pulling the trigger on SDS to supply an ignition for my Sonex.