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  1. Jay Kempf

    Spruce strips for Jurca Replica

    Granted these plans aren't clear but they were probably state of the art in homebuilding when they were produced. Material purchasing is something you have to figure out up front. You don't need to buy strips. You need to buy planks and cut strips from the planks. If you don't have the ability...
  2. Jay Kempf

    lithium metal batteries

    Batteries will get a little better based on volume. They aren't going to get dramatically better if Lithium is the horse to ride. The real opportunity is to make the safer with less containment and less worry about runaway "welder" events. As you stated, competing with gasoline is a big ask...
  3. Jay Kempf

    Today's Sketch

    First I looked at all the sketches. Then I was worried about you for a moment. Then I read the direction of the post. Salvador Dali did go through my head while I was worried. Generally the progression is off-putting and a bit disturbing but entertaining so thanks. Dali was off-putting and a...
  4. Jay Kempf

    Nose wheel off-centre?

    Most Beechcraft off center due to single side nose gear strut with retraction rod on the other side. If you can't see the nose gear when you are landing or taxiing how would you know?
  5. Jay Kempf

    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    I think that about sums it up.
  6. Jay Kempf

    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    To quote a line from Holy Grail: "I'm not dead yet!"
  7. Jay Kempf

    An Airplane to Make ‘Em Mad

    Moller flying car? Raptor (NG)? Oh lord I apologize....
  8. Jay Kempf

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    CAD is CAD. You're kidding yourself if you think one is a magic bullet. SW is pretty capable. Fusion is really actually quite good. NX is a monster but based on the same kernel as UG or SW. Surfacing is a futile search for stuff that doesn't work leading you to a limited set of stuff that does...
  9. Jay Kempf

    CNC vs laser cutter

    I did the same. Learned drafting that way. Ball point pen and at first just a pad that I did the proportions on back before the simple calculators came out when I was in high school. Now the CAD, CAM and FEA/CFD I have for my every day work is just awe inspiring. Still I miss the craft of making...
  10. Jay Kempf

    CNC vs laser cutter

    Laser has no cutting force so safer in that you won't get a broken cutting tool flying out. No need to clamp rigidly.
  11. Jay Kempf

    CNC vs laser cutter

    Lasers can make very intricate cuts due to the small kerf size but are limited in depth of cut depending on the power level of the particular laser. I have cut a lot of lite ply with the laser. Once you dial it in you can get nearly char free edges. Many lasers have pass thru front/rear doors so...
  12. Jay Kempf

    So I did a thing today....

  13. Jay Kempf

    Hiring an engineer to do the maths

    BD4-B mods? What components?
  14. Jay Kempf

    Hiring an engineer to do the maths

    Isn't there a retired engineer at 1299xxx, chapter 17 that has the capability to do the initial FAR and then stress/strain estimates of any structures you might be considering modifying. That used to be the credo of the EAA. Advice. The process is assess aero loads, or ground handling or...
  15. Jay Kempf

    Servo Bracket Material Questions

    Sheet metal is best used as shear webs. Bending flanges strengthens an edge and gives and opportunity for attachment. So if you are taking a flat bolted attachment and standing it up best to fold the thin metal to make triangular brackets on the ends of the plate and to flange around for...
  16. Jay Kempf

    What Is A Good Beginner Paint Sprayer System/ Setup and a Good Paint For Aluminum???

    HVLP and urethane is how I paint. I really don't try anything else. Lacquer is for masochists. I can prime with any additive package and light color and clear and sand it out and have a perfect finish. Easy to fix if you screw up, which you always do. Very Zen. I am about to do a second go on my...
  17. Jay Kempf

    Servo Bracket Material Questions

    What a completely incomplete question. What is the nearest structure where you intend to mount it? What is the span between the mountings? What direction is it mounted? If in between a couple ribs you might need to pan the edges of the sheet metal for stiffness and then a bunch of fabrication...
  18. Jay Kempf

    What Is A Good Beginner Paint Sprayer System/ Setup and a Good Paint For Aluminum???

    The turbine gets rid of the inline water and oil separators. I started with a turbine HVLP rig. I'll never go to a normal rig. 5psi is a completely different approach and physics. It pushes paint instead of pushing a huge airflow inducing the movement of paint. I like the control it gives. And I...
  19. Jay Kempf

    Airplane For Sale SOLD - Cozy Mark IV Project for sale, SD, $6500 OBO

    Correct, sold a couple months back. Sorry, I should have been on top of updating the thread. Hopefully another person's great start.
  20. Jay Kempf

    Urethane over self etching primer?

    The only trouble I've had is with non-compatible systems rejecting each other (bubbling/detaching). If your primer is urethane based it should be fine. If the part is very flexible you should be adding flex agent to to the base and clear if using clear. I try to use the same manufacturer's stuff...