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    has anyone used the Artex 406test site?

    Rusty...thanks for the link, to your photos and info.........yellow ls a cool color for a fun airplane. and your Onex sure does look good and should be a lot of fun..... it look so dam good, in fact if, i could fly / land a tail-wheel airplane , i would be looking for my car keys, and be...
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    has anyone used the Artex 406test site?

    >>>> There are plenty of places here that an ELT is the only way they'd ever find me, particularly since I have no transponder and ADSB. It adds some peace of mind, which is worth the weight. The Onex should be fun. I had the 912UL already,.....<.via Rusty..<<<<<< add on to my 2 cent...
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    has anyone used the Artex 406test site?

    to...Rusty... here are some 2 cent points.... with you having a "Sonex Onex, with a Rotax 912UL." to do the testing flying. on please do check on the rules, and you will find out that with the "Sonex Onex". with it being a single place airplane you are not required to have a "ELT" on board. and...
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    Bob Barrows and his Electric Ultralight Flying Machine

    my understanding of the problems of what 'Brian Carpenter" of Rainbow Aviation , of his company trying to build a Electric Ultralight / glider , and the F.A.A being locked in on the max weight of 256 pounds for whole weight for the ultralight , and the F.A.A also would ""not"" allow for...
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    Engine failure turn back.

    To;gtae07......good job, on getting your “ glider add-on rating “, and you saying about doing a ( rope-break scenario in a RV. At 300 feet ) While I was ,one day being a airport bum , a RV. guy ,from 2 hanger rows down from my hanger, one day, I saw him “on take off” do a “””rope-break scenario...
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    Engine failure turn back.

    To the poster of post #108...Please go to a club glider field , and go for 2 flights , one being a standard , demo flight , and one being a simulated rope break . One reason for doing is to meet some nice people at the glider club. And the other is to learn something. About doing a turn...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    to spit- ball out at 2 cent idea's , to add to the low /correct RPM per speed idea' to go with zero drag and zero thrust'. one KISS idea would to add 3 good / green spots onto the prop rpm , the first good / green spot would be for the speed of being in lift, the second good / green spot RPM...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    to put add some idea's... to the post of #841 "i.e...Good job! I would just change prop to feathering version" i saw somewhere the builder was working on finding the correct R.P.M of the motor / prop , to have zero drag / zero thrust. Which would have lower power draw from the battery. And...
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    I've built a couple of fun electric airplanes, happy to answer questions.

    i also, will add, me saying """Thanks much for your participation on this forum emotodude. """" ///////////// emotodude ; in your post # 35, you said "" keeps the prop under 100RPM or so which is aerodynamically about the same as fully stopped"", that goes with you saying , you try to do KISS...
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    Minimum Fuel Tank Vent Line Diameter

    here is my 2 cent idea,,,,,, go to the airport and see how the big boys with " big engines" did it, with it being crop dusting season, there should be a large number of dusters parked outside to look at...... quote of the day; one good test is worth 10,000 good ideas and 100,000 theories. /\...
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    June 06 2020

    to delete from your day, what you hear, from the talking heads on T.V. ...... this day Charles Norman Shay ""a D-Day survivor", "a american Indian", is to be in Normandy, France on June 06 2020. shows "ONE OF THE MANY"" good people out their. Charles Norman Shay - Wikipedia ...
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    June 06 2020

    to delete from your day, what you hear, from the talking heads on T.V. to day June 06 2020, this day Charles Norman Shay ""a D-Day survivor", is to be in Normandy on June 06 2020. and his being a American Indian, shows their are good people out their. Charles Norman Shay - Wikipedia
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    if you zoom in on photos of the NASA mars lander's ON MARS , you will see many examples of ,old school waxed string wire bundle lacing, which shows old and true is a good thing to do. good day rick
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    just adding .02cents, and almost a quoted joke "" "Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall, torque is how much of the wall you take with you." - Unknown
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    ...any one you can walk away from

    .FritzW.....thanks,, for posting..your good post action report..... .........Thanks to you, for having the personal courage to put your experience out there. You exemplify the best in a positive safety culture. Many will learn from your event, and you can rest easy at night knowing that...
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    How to make a difference

    A+ "good job" ,to Victor Bravo on post #11.....and the saying of "Remind the whole town that kids who get involved in aviation are the ones who are not involved in gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy, school dropout, etc. (all true)"....... .is the best thing , i have saw on the web, in along...
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    (Off Topic) What Steel is used for RMC?

    here is my .02cent idea,,,,, one time i used the "top rail from chain link fience", it worked ok for me ,i think it come in 8 ft lenth.... ....good day /rick
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    Sealant between aluminum

    to add 2 cents...............on the forum """" ,,there is a post about someone doing a pull test on a test strip that was riveted and glue- ed ....... ... .. . good day rick imho-imbw,,,,,,i my humble opinion,i may be wrong
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    i saw this quote today , and i think it somewhat says a little bit of wisdom aout this subject.......good day../ rick......... .....The things they don’t teach you at Harvard, in Elon-speak, ‘the product errors will reflect the organizational errors”.