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    Personal airstrip?

    I been thinking of getting some land in the future to have a small 1350-2000 ft grass strip for experimental/stol planes, either for personal or business by selling mogas or ultra lowlead But also having my house near it, it be pretty much a dream to wake up, have breakfast and fly out of your...
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    Murphy vs zenith?

    So I still wont be buying either for a while but I like researching to see how much it be and the quality of it Recently I saw murphy changed owner, and I would have considered the rebel if it had a nose gear but it doesnt, until I read the last article on kitplanes, so im pretty curiosidad as...
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    Engine debate and choices?

    So im still a newbie but i done some fair research 1. Im tempted by the viking for its price/power but im concerned from some bad reviews and the high numbers of engines fails in the auto conv. Category 2. I would go with a lycoming or ul but fuuuuuuuu there 3x times more expensive, and wanted...
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    Zenith 750 cruzer future builder questions?

    Hey every one ! I got into this after getting my first few copies of kitplane magazine and now my future goal is to build one. My background is I'm a recent graduate mechanical engineer with focus in aviation,I started with rc cars but moved to rc planes,I built from micro to giant scale...