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    Q-200 Kit transport from VA to CA

    Go to Craigslist towns in the area where the kit is located and post a request in the gigs section as well as the services and on the heavy equipment sections. That has worked for me in getting a tractor and a bunch of attachments from Northern Calif
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    Go with a removable HDPE marine 5 gal tank it has handles and good fuel supply and return connections if it holds slightly more than 5 gallons a little work with a heat gun can reduce it to the 5 gal max for 103
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    Robin Ultralight

    A quote from the Robin January 2011 blog post: I have a design manual set by Dr Jan Roskom of the university of Kansas. The sections on preliminary design are the bible for the industry. He has accumulated an immense amount of information, or rather his Grad students have LOL!!!. In the...
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    The Heat is on. How does this effect glue joints on my bird setting in my hangar?

    Folks, if temperatures over 100 really caused structure problems out here in Phoenix Az we would never fly at all June through August. The highs for the rest of this week are all above 105 with the lows in the high 80s. Density altitude problems are far more likely to cause harm. Some years...
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    How To Drill 1/8" Thick Titanium Plate???

    Try using antifreeze for a cutting fluid, do not know about titanium but it works wonders on stainless.
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    Cost Of Full Size Replica

    This site is more than a replica, it is a total build of several copies of the British Mosquito I have no idea what they plan on for engines! Mosquito Aircraft Restoration, Auckland New Zealand
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    Re: Plywood source A good place to look for smaller pieces of aircraft plywood is your local hobby shop, especially one that caters to the larger models. Maybe the Radio Control type shops. For another project I just bought a piece 1 X 2 foot of 3/16 birch for $8.95 sheet ($14.50 at...