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    Low aspect ratio sport plane ideas

    RB... Your spot on for thinking differently. Their was an early UAV model with hopes to make it that arena that was a bit of a Davis DA-2A clone with the aft fuselage that pivoted up and over with the V-Tail spaying enough and possibly forward of the windshield area Immic to make it work. The...
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    Low aspect ratio sport plane ideas

    Don, I've been thinking that for over a year. The Rohr 2-175 from what I read was to potentially shed it's rudder. From the Video's I've seen it's design the wing around the mission not your planform, which diametrically opposed to what many here might be thinking, aka a light LAR design which...
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    Hirth 35HF Jet A 2-stroke, no oil mixing needed

    I was blessed to do an Interview and story on this engine for "Contact Magazine" over 10 yrs ago (many thanks to Matt Dandar) and got to see in person. I don't have the article/Issue info at hand. It is quite interesting and also expensive and immic for the UAV/Unmanned arena only.
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I am here to bug you Woodenwings! * I Downloaded 20/21 before OSH & "The announcement" * purchased not a laptop but a workstation because the Horsepower you need to run it is not cheap, ouch. * So I have been using it to brush off my skills a little each day. * Hoping to attack Weldments and...
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    Tallank... Here's what worked for me. * Turn off your Firewall / Spyware for greater than an hour or until you say so. * Go to your Modem/Router (yes I have one of those combo ones) and literally use the old school ethernet cable to connect and turn off your computer Wifi button. * Ctrl/Alt Del...
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    What is the Best Airfoil for a USA Part 103 Ultralight?

    Thanks, I went back and found your reference.
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    What is the Best Airfoil for a USA Part 103 Ultralight?

    Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery. Why has no one mentioning the Ribblett GA-30618 used on the Hummel UltraCruiser and H5. Watch one fly in person, perhaps that might expand your choices what sections to consider.
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    R.R. Something about this bird, I like the looks of it. I'd love to know why the lower keel, aka flow into the prop etc, is it better than the average pusher. I should pull out my paper and pencil sketch of an almost low wing along the same lines design that had those with accessibility issues...
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    New airfoil website

    Mike, Outstanding. I say that as someone who has for quite a while reading, researching, and using all the free-bee airfoil software I can to learn more and about them. I get what you have done here and IMHO it is monumental. The compare feature is off the hook. If you could get Mike Shuck to...
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    California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

    That's the Million $ question. FWIW the old Econ axiom, the most effective changes are around the margins. Let me away from off the Off-Road for a second and I'll get back to it, When I heard a 2 stroke leaf blower / weed wacker polluted more in one day than driving a state of the art SUV...
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    How would you win the Sport Racing class/why am I wrong?

    After winning the lottery for really big $'s 🤣 4 Configs... * Yak-3 EV w/ the YASA Motors, QS Solid-State Batteries. * EV variant of the Pond Racer Config, Again YASA's and QS * Slimmed down OV-10-ish w/ and Inverted V-Tail off the booms w/ 2 Highs Diesels, maybe the V12's would be too much...
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    They built one and it was mounted on an airframe. I have the photo somewhere. It didn't go forward and I'd love to know the story behind it. if someone does, please chime in....
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    I've been thinking about the Onan and Cushman engines. Both 18 to 22 hp in the Horizontally Opposed Config. FWIW scan one (via 3d scanning devices) and design off that architecture and scale it to the 40hp class. Or, do you make 4 cylinder versions. Yes massive weight reductions needed...
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    Icon Stockholders Sue To Block Alleged Illegal Technology Transfer to China

    Their patented wing design. Aka Roncz airfoil, amd a droop leading edge with all sorts of affliated slots and groves to promote controlled votices to qoute-un-qoute make it stall proof. I have said here and elsewhere as someone who lost a dear friend to a Stall/Spin scenario, I would have loved...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Another Solid State Battery player chimes in (Solid Power). Go to the source and note the reduction in volumes and weight, (in the 39% to 46% ) That is with just a marginal increase in range.
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    Welcome to Taxachusetts $1,000 Landing Fee Proposed For Massachusetts Private Aircraft

    Hmmm.... Flat areas of land that can be converted to McMansion tracks or Business Parks, with a built in road as a starter as the housing market continues to explodes in MA. Do you know any realtors in that state or tangent businesses? They are incredibly busy. "Cui Bono?" Who Benefits? I'll...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Enjoy the video in the link below. If you do not know who Jagdeep Singh is or Sandy Munro due your research. Sandy has a link to Gen-Av, go back and research the PAV Reports. Solid State Batteries could be the game changer for Gen-Av. QuantamScape has mentioned aviation as a market and their...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Did anyone notice the "YASA" as in YASA Motors on the new Racer? I have had the pleasure of meeting some of their team at the EVTechExpo here in MI and their were hints of an Av project before they could talk about it. BTW... The Solid State Battery Players are lining up with Auto...
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    Bob Barrows and his Electric Ultralight Flying Machine

    In a world gone mad, how can you not gravitate to Bob's common sense & simplicity utilized in his designs. He's so underrated as a designer imho, think Colin Chapman & Steve Wittman. If the EV experiment doesn't work, I wonder if the ZDZ 500 w/ the reduction drive would fit the bill. Chk out...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    One Car Garage or Two? Large Scale proof of concept? Or an RC Model of what was a German design Immic.