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    Parts For Sale Diesel motor auction.

    I saw one of these on eBay I'm assuming the idea using a diesel they can run jet fuel that way they don't have to carry gasoline. I can't think of any other military aircraft that use gas engines.
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    New Gear Box?

    What would the market be for a heavy V-12 engine air racing? I know there are warbird replicas could use this engine other then that not much I can think of. Something in the 400 HP and below range for smaller engines would be a better target for kit planes.
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    Rocket-powered ultralight (self-launching glider)?

    Early Jato rockets were tested on a Ercoupe
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    Ebay Today

    NEW Turbo Diesel Aircraft Engine, Mercedes 800cc, 81hp military UAV surplus engines. Says the military paid $97k each for these our tax dollars at work. NEW Turbo Diesel Aircraft Engine, Mercedes 800cc, 81hp | eBay The seller wants $6500
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    Looking for an alternative engie for the 503 and 582?

    Have anyone seen this conversion 2 cylinder Yamaha Phazer Kolb Firestar?
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    Insurance for student pilot on experimental aircraft

    Is aircraft insurance the same as auto insurance lets say you have a prop strike it which totals out the aircraft do they pay you the least amount of money they are able to find what a dealer would pay you for it.
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    New to aviation like to tinker with stuff

    That would make sense it could be easily tested the cooling system by simply take an outboard and reroute the cooling lines to a radiator still use the OB to load the engine. The trapped air have to be worked out also.
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    Carb vs. Fuel Injection

    If your goal is to modify the engine maybe higher compression, porting, tuned exhaust things like that I could see that being a good reason to want to modify the EFI programming. If you just want to run it as they designed there wouldn't be any reason change the programming. Never seen an...
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    Carb vs. Fuel Injection

    Had several boats with 2 strokes some with carburetors later with EFI. I preferred EFI could leave it sit all winter and it started every time. Carburetors get gummed up easier all I had to do with my EFI engines is dump a pint of gas saver in the last few gallons in the tank run it for 30...
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    New to aviation like to tinker with stuff

    You mention parts now this gets me thinking what about 50-100 HP 4 stroke outboard? The way these things work entire power head 4-5 bolts lifts the splined output shaft it includes everything. All you need to do is connect any gas tank to them all the pumps built into the power head including...
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    New to aviation like to tinker with stuff

    I thought all newer outboards were 4 strokes not 2 strokes? EFI system in that engine might be completely different then the older 2 strokes.
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    New to aviation like to tinker with stuff

    Never had any EFI issues with the 1997 V6 3 Liter Merc 200HP OB on my bass boat I'm in Phoenix where it's hot. HP is rated at the prop on these outboards so the power head actually makes little more power. 2 strokes do suck the fuel maybe a V6 3L little too big for the application maybe a...
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    Subaru EA81engine fan

    Always wondered about those engines I once owned a Subaru STI that high HP AWD 2008 hatch 305HP. Thing was a rocket ship stuck to the road like glue. Went though tires as fast as changing the oil seemed to always get a nail in the side wall since it was AWD had to replace all 4. I read that...
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    New here

    Hello I'm new also
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    New to aviation like to tinker with stuff

    I always liked aviation been into RC model aircraft since 1980's couldn't afford full size aviation until now, but of course like lot of people a class 3 medical would be an uphill adventure after a consult with an AME decided to just go light sport for now. He said I probably would...
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    Weight Shift Trike recommendations

    I have been eyeing the Revo's Paul Hamilton a dealer in Carson city has a low hour used one for $79k with all options for sale for awhile now new this would sell for 120k. From what I have read they are not fun in turbulent air some say it's exhausting, to "Not fun". I don't really understand...