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    Heath parasol metric plans

    Sup guys! After a long time school is over and I'm back on my little island with some free time. As I previously said I wanted to try building a heath parasol, but I can't find "new" plans and with metric measurements, do you know if someone sells them? Or at least if there's a reliable source...
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    It's possible to learn to fly on a homebuilt airplane?

    It's something I've been thinking for a while, do you think it's possible to learn to fly on a homebuilt plane? Apart from the fact that looks kinda dangerous I think that learning to fly on a home built plane would be ideal because you already kinda know how it works. Let me know what do you think!
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    Updates on the seaplane ultralight!

    Hi! For those of you who don't remember me I'm the guy who lives on a small Island and want to start building an aircraft. There are some updates, I've figured out what to build, I've chosen a Pietenpol air camper because it's a relatively simple project and I have large access to boat-building...
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    Sup guys! new member here

    Sup guys, im a new member and I want to introduce myself, Im from the south of Italy and I live in a very small island, like ridiculously small; I'm here because since last year I wanted do build a biplane-seaplane (hope I've used the correct words lol), I guess I'm kinda young (I'm 19, almost...