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  1. J

    A/C nail supplier

    Way back I used staples to fasten ply to ribs/fuselage etc. while glue dried. I used strips (off-cuts) of 1mm (1/16) ply under the staples which eliminated any bruising and the staples were easy to remove...
  2. J

    VW 1835?

    With reference to the cam! Back in the 90's, I bought a 1600VW engine converted for aircraft use, including dual ignition which ran off of 2 Lucas mags, chain driven... I was told then that the engine was an "industrial" model and because of this it had a modified cam specially designed for...
  3. J

    Look out below! New builder on the block.

    Hi Dalmo. John from NZ here! I looked at this plane earlier and from what I found on the web site it only comes as a partially built "kit". (need a container, $$$) Reading what you are saying, do they in fact now supply plans/materials for a scratch build? Cheers John
  4. J

    Airplane For Sale Hummelbird Project On Facebook

    Love the "Flintstones" wheels! :D John
  5. J

    Down in New Zealand...

    Some interesting conversations on this forum... I am seriously looking at purchasing a Hummel H5 in kit form in the new year. Problem right now is the cost of freight and time it takes to get to our part of the world! I have never been involved in building a metal plane, however am well versed...