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  1. knotsofast

    Dyna Vibe prop balancer

    I have a chance to upgrade to a helicopter balancer but I need to sell my prop balancer first. Dyna Vibe classic prop balancer in like new condition. See details here It has all the cables and sensors that it originally came with, manual, fitted...
  2. knotsofast

    Dual EGT, water temp, Hobbs, ignition switches For Sale

    I sold off all the Mini 500 stuff I had with the exception of these few items. All were intended to monitor a Grey Head Rotax 582 but I'm sure will work on other engines. All are new and in the box with the exception of one of the ignition switches. Dual Westach EGT, 2 1/4, with probes. If you...
  3. knotsofast

    Joe Waitman and Rotorway

    Are any of you guys familiar with Joe Waitman and his work on/with Rotorway Scorpions? What little I know for sure is that he was a Rotorway dealer and was involved in building and selling composite rotor blades. Why the interest? I've recently acquired a Scorpion that he had done some work...
  4. knotsofast

    1835 running issues

    I can't quite get my engine to run properly. I hope you guys can help out. What I have is an older HAPI 1835 engine that's been hiding in a barn since the mid 80's. Pusher configuration, 009 ignition, dual Weber 228's. Mechanical fuel pump putting out 3.5 lbs. pressure continuous using ethanol...
  5. knotsofast

    Anybody recognize this prop hub?

    Dose anyone recognize this hub? I think it's a HAPI but not sure. What I really need to know is what to torque the hub bolt to.
  6. knotsofast

    Cuyna 2SI 808 L100

    Anybody here have any experience with these engine? I know they are no longer produced but can't really find anything about them.