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  1. Vic Bottomly

    Spar setback

    Two years ago I ordered some spars from Aircraft Spruce for my Wag 2+2 project. I built one wing a year ago, and then did some final work on the fuselage. Finally I got set up to do the other wing. I finished making ribs and then pulled the spars from the rafters. I started to lay things out...
  2. Vic Bottomly

    Wag 2+2 wood wing concerns

    I mentioned in an introduction thread that I'm scratch building a Wag Aero 2+2. I have the fuselage and empennage essentially done except for pulley installations. I built one wood wing last year and was getting ready to start the other. I spent a lot of time working up what I thought of as...
  3. Vic Bottomly

    Been here a while, first post

    I'm almost 4 years into a scratch-built Wag Aero 2+2. I joined here quite a while ago, but forgot I had. Lately I found myself scanning threads on wing design and stress calculations and dimly recalled that I had seen this forum before. I typed in a user name and the password auto-filled. Heh...