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    Parts For Sale Plans for sale

    Culling the herd. No warranty or guarantee of these being complete. These are all on paper; if there is a serial number, I mentioned it in the description. Prices do not include shipping costs. Teenie two. Serialized, latest revision mentioned on plans 6-7-94. Plans are stained but readable...
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    Bonanza Center Section Structural Test

    Comparison of structural analysis solutions with tests
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    Attention ScaleBirdsScott!

    Congrats on the nice comments from Mark Phelps on Avweb. You are also in their poll!
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    Forkner Trial Begins

    This article reminds me of the news story about the only investor to be charged with all the fraud related to the 2008 meltdown. It must be a bummer to pay for this on a co-pilot's salary. Boeing ex-pilot's trial starts on fraud charges over 737 Max
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    Pilot Check Out-LSA Original Design

    If I design and build an original design light sport do I have to find an instructor to do the first flight and then check me out in it? LSA requires a log book endorsement for every aircraft.
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    Beam Shear Question for Wsimpos1

    I saw that the Beam shear section is closed so I am posting the question here. On the "Wing Bending Examples Elliptical" spreadsheet there is a column titled "Volume" and I can see where it is getting the info but I was wondering what is. It is dealing with span and cross section. Thank you for...
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    Talk about a bad day!!!
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    Jack Schmitt's Apollo 17 Diary

    This is a far more technical account of an Apollo mission than I have seen before. America’s Uncommon Sense
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    MAAM P-61

    Can anyone here nudge someone at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum to get the Black Widow's restoration page updated? The last new pictures were from March 2020. I was hoping that a wing would finished. If you haven't seen it check it out! MID-ATLANTIC AIR MUSEUM - THE WIDOWS WEB - P-61 - THE RESTORATION
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    Belt Drives and design

    I have been reading the discussion on drive design here and have gotten some of the books and found articles to read but have not found anything besides some brief discussion on Epi-Eng website about belt drives. I understand that a Polychain belt is a stiffness that attaches two other parts...
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    Inverting Root Airfoil

    Saw this in a few places (Peter Garrison's Melmoth2, Lyle Trusty's T-18 wing and Francis Donaldson's LAA design book) and was curious if anyone here had an aerodynamics text which quantified this?
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    A question for Rotax618

    When you modified the 3 cylinder Suzuki to run after tilting it 70 degrees without oil surges how did you do it? Is it as simple as modifying the oil pickup? I am giving some thought to modifying one and you have lots of ideas and experience.
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    P-51 Drawings

    A while ago someone mentioned in a posting that the Smithsonian had the drawings for the Mustang in their collection and gave a brief description. Being compulsive in nature I went looking for them and after repeated dead ends emailed the Smithsonian which directed me to the NASM Reference Desk...
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    Wiloows5050, I gotta tell you...

    I love your shop!
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    Remember Betty Jo?
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    Mitchell Wing B10 Questions

    Does the B10 have wash out in the wings besides the elevons? On Terrance O'Neill's O2 ( a modified B10) he lowered the elevons a few inches to reduce sensitivity. I asked for his reference for this mod and he couldn't remember. I have looked through NACA reports on these types of control...
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    Eppler Airfoils

    I have looked on this this site for some "real world" experience with some of Eppler's airfoil from his book and have not found any. Are there any folks out there using them? The reason I am asking is that Eppler has both tail less and prop air foils. I am curious about both.
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    Attention Ron Wanttaja...

    Peter Garrison said your article on first flight accidents in Kitplanes was "excellent" in the latest Flying. Page 107. I usually read it at Barnes and Noble. LOL
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    Ivo's House
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    Tacit Blue's Airfoil

    According to Peter Westwick's book "Stealth" Tacit Blue had a Clark Y airfoil and the tail copied from a Beech Bonanza.