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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    About 1958 or 1959. Commercially from FL to NY.
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    whats up with that

    If you see it happen again, or any other strange thing, please be sure to add the thread and what is happening.
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    What are you doing in addition to flying?

    What'cha been up to lately? Building? Flying? Visiting relatives? Or do you play a musical instrument, ride a motorcycle, or build race cars? So what I've been doing when away from the internet is taking long drives in the country. Do you take drives in the country?
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    Hidden signatures?

    I believe the techs have it set that way so you can read a post and not scroll a few times to get to the next post.
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    Sign-in Pop-up

    Was it to log in, or was it to save the app?
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    Sign-in Pop-up

    It is harmless from what I've been told, but we have people getting it removed. I had hoped it would be done by this time today, so I will get an update and encourage the guys to get it gone.
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    Sign-in Pop-up

    When you see it look for the X in the upper right corner and click on that. It will go away for 30 days. And I've asked if it can be delayed a little bit to give you more time. But if you X it that should take care of the problem.
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    The HomeBuiltAirplane Decals -

    Thank you. I have a few more to send out this weekend. Anyone else want to show off their HBA Sticker?
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    Member Upgrades

    When you sign up it is annual and will renew as long as the information remains the same or you stop it.
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    New Member Intro & First Build Questions

    I can find nothing that is stopping you from sending a PM (Start Conversation) to a member unless they are not accepting PMs (conversations). Also I see no issue with links unless they are some that are censored. What type of equipment and software are you using for the forum? (phone, laptop...
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    Allow Open Office Files

    I've added ots to the acceptable types of attachments.
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    Forum tools: Searching conversations, additional search filters.

    There is not a word search for conversations that I am aware of.
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    Show off your HomeBuiltAirplane stickers!!!

    If you did not get yours (the PO does eat a few), send me your mailing address again via private message/conversation and I'll try again.
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    Show off your HomeBuiltAirplane stickers!!!

    Who has one of the forum Homebuilt Airplane stickers, I know I've been mailing them out, so they must be going on something. Show them off!
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    Forum tools: Searching conversations, additional search filters.

    Use the filter to find particular conversations
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    Member Upgrades

    @Rhino Okay, just let me know when you need in.
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    Member Upgrades

    @Yellowhammer Were you wanting into the Log area also.
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    Member Upgrades

    Who did you PM? I didn't see one on my PMs. I'll set you and the others up at this time.
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    Forum tools: Searching conversations, additional search filters.

    I don't see that type of conversation search. I am checking out some other parameters to see if I find out if it can be done.
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    Forum tools: Searching conversations, additional search filters.

    Here are the search parameters for the Private Conversations: