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  1. rkirk77

    PA-14 Aileron

    I am looking for the wing assembly and part number 42441 drawings (aileron drive) for a PA-14. Anyone know where I can get the information?
  2. rkirk77

    Taylorcraft BC -12 Drawings

    No such luck on finding any drawings. PS, I am also looking for a Continental A65-9 accessory case (the one with the starter mount). Part # 6234
  3. rkirk77

    ***WANTED*** A65-9 Accessory Case

    ***WANTED*** - Continental A65-9 Accessory Case (Continental Part #6234) Please PM me if you wish to part with one.
  4. rkirk77

    Taylorcraft BC -12 Drawings

    Any help would be amazing LS!
  5. rkirk77

    Taylorcraft BC -12 Drawings

    Hey LS, Thanks for the info! I just sent Steven an email and hope to get somethings back. PS, the TC FB site is useless.
  6. rkirk77

    Taylorcraft BC -12 Drawings

    I am looking for the factory drawings so I can replace individual parts. One stab is really crusty and has a lot of rot in / on it and probably will need to be replaced.. also the aileron spars are junk and will need replacing.
  7. rkirk77

    Taylorcraft BC -12 Drawings

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Taylorcraft BC 12-65 and was wondering where to get a set of part / assembly drawings. I have tried on FB and on the Taylorcraft forum but they all seem to be oblivious (.. on purpose or not). Where is the best place to find them?
  8. rkirk77

    Piper PA-20 / 22 Airframes

    Looking for Pacer / Tri-Pacer airframes in Ontario, Canada. PM me for more info.
  9. rkirk77

    Flying Flea

    Hi Guys, I am thinking about starting a Flying Flea project, but I wanted to know what the history of this aircraft is like. Does it have a good safety history, is it easy to build.. and also where do I get the plans from?
  10. rkirk77

    Ryan ST-A Parts / Technical Drawings

    I am just a hobby guy that want to try and and make a rudder or bulkhead for now. ADHD keeps me busy.. even if i am not doing anything! ROFL
  11. rkirk77

    Ryan ST-A Parts / Technical Drawings

    What is the web link to the Ryan Club?
  12. rkirk77

    Ryan ST-A Parts / Technical Drawings

    Not a building a model.. perhaps just making a pieces, but then again. ;)
  13. rkirk77

    Ryan ST-A Parts / Technical Drawings

    Are there any drawing at all on the web?
  14. rkirk77

    Ryan ST-A Parts / Technical Drawings

    Where can I find a set of drawings for a Ryan ST-A? I've looked high and low and haven't been successful in finding any.
  15. rkirk77

    Piper PA-8 Skycycle

    Where is the best place to inquire about the technical info (drawings, etc) for the aircraft.
  16. rkirk77

    Piper PA-8 Skycycle

    Where is the best place to get info on this one-off aircraft? Why was it not put into production?
  17. rkirk77

    Pietenpol Springer Gear?

    I am working on my landing gear and wanted to know if anyone has any guidelines / drawings for building a springer (similar to PA-18) rather than the bungee alternative that is in the plans.
  18. rkirk77

    20 Gallon Aluminum Tank

    I am sure there is a way to work it out. Back to that thing about tank patterns. :)