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    New canard designs?

    Peter Muller's Raptor Experimental... Crashed on Friday in a corn field Peter walked away safely.. looks like he may have deployed the parachute if so the damage would be minimal and he'll be back on the horse in no time.. Pilot walks away from plane crash in Fillmore County . This guy...
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    Light weight diesel auto conversion

    BMW N47 or the newer B47, 4 cylinder all aluminium block turbo diesel 204 HP runs well on Jet-A + 1% Pennzoil. Once you strip all the pollution gear gets you to about 130Kg . Need less power go for the B37 3 cylinder turbo diesel but this harder to get...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I can see issues developing with the PSRU not being structurally integrated into the engine block. Overall this guy and his supporting team fully deserve the golden buzzer ...
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    Pusher aircraft Thrust Vector

    Looking at various pusher aircraft I notice different thrust vectors angles. Rutan's pusher aircraft have the engine mounted 2° upwards thrust because the engine axis is slightly above the CG cord an so the upwards tilt is implemented to cancel a downwards pitch when power is applied. In...
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    Narrow tire 16x4.4

    Thank for the input. The wheel well has limited deeps due to the thin wings hance the inquiry.
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    Narrow tire 16x4.4

    Motorcycle rim won't support 2000 Lb, 16x4.4 is used by Pilatus and a few others unless they make their rims in house, I wonder who is their supplier.
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    Narrow tire 16x4.4

    Looking for supplier of narrow wheels. Goodyear and Michelin offer 16 x 4.4 wide tiers. Sourcing of the shelve suitable rim to be used as main undercarriage seems challenging. Any advice appreciated. If you know of Narrower 16" diameter which support 2000 lb say 100 knots any info appreciated.
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    Why not an upside down rudder?

    Working on a canard design with tween inverted rudders which also house the main wheels.. I am looking for a set of wheels 400mm (16") outer diameter, width under 100mm (4") including brake assembly, maximum takeoff weight 1 Tone. any advise input appreciated.