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    Any opinions on best color?

    C'mon guys. You know it's a neon pink airplane. You'd rather just have a mid-air than be seen in one. And why is my avatar letter pink? What's going on here? I'm still the blue gender :pilot:
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    Pilot training - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Anything you can't do with a beer in one hand makes you weird. At least that's the impression I get when mine is the only sailboat on a lake full of boats.
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    Pilot training - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    My understanding of that incident was that there wasn't any aerodynamic indication of the stall; the pilot failed to properly interpret his status displays. Just because a pilot has a seat-of-the-pants feel for a 150 stall doesn't mean he can apply the same experience to an Airbus. That was the...
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    Aircraft for the common man, homebuilt or kit....

    "Homebuilt or kit"??? If the common man doesn't have an uncommon hanger, a lot of common airplanes are quite literally out (in the cold, the wind, the sand, whatever).
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    Pilot training - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    OK, devil's advocate here (or as my mom used to say, "You little devil...") I'm an engineer. I used to make circuit boards with Bishop tape and wire wrap, components on one side, traces on the other, a hole through the middle. These days I use a sophisticated workstation program, and the...
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    RV-12iS price, and not in a good way

    The thing I love most about the RV-12 is that it finally got the RV crowd to stop bitching that any airplane built with pulled rivets was a death trap.
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    15% ethanol to be allowed in "normal" auto fuel?

    The Administration should let the FAA review this fuel change first. That should buy some time.
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    Every plane I've ever rented or owned sat outside. Water is usually the least of the problems, and most easily fixed by doing nothing and allowing the natural holes in the corners on the bottom of the plane to drain the water coming in through the natural holes in the corners on the top of the...
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    Replacement Fluid

    The Triumph 650 I owned in my wasted youth carried its smoke IN that rag under the seat. At least that's what caught on fire that one fine day when the charging system actually tried to charge something for once. Lucas and Whitworth are memories that just won't go away. How old do you have to be...
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    Ion Engines

    Non-carbon motive power AND no more bugs on the wings. Zap! Ion Engines
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    Would planes be better if they were more like birds?

    All planes would fly better if they didn't have to carry humans. The fundamental problem with making planes more like birds is that humans aren't very bird-like.
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    Experimental aircraft purchase - Do I need to pay sales tax and how? (California USA)

    Check out this website: CA Use Tax Overview Like every other state agency in CA, the FTB (Franchise Tax Board) was found inept and corrupt by a court a few years ago, so the default CA government response was implemented: keep the old agency around but strip it of certain powers, and create...
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    No, you don't have it wrong. I have never been able to get FreeCAD compiled and running natively on my computer, and writing/compiling/debugging software is my professional life. In the end I have found it a lot simpler to just download an AppImage of FreeCAD, already compiled and with its...
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    New Sonex High Wing Design

    Nice to see newer designs coming out with some thought given to modern vertical and horizontal pilot sizes. The previous generation of designers were clearly malnourished in childhood.
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    Air conditioning electrical power question

    Not a direct answer to the OP question, but perhaps of interest -- what I plan to install in my 650 for cooling is this: Van's Vent Kit I forget where I came across the idea (these forums? the Zenith list perhaps?) but a few other folks have mentioned that it does a much better job of sucking...
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    Experimental (ELSA / E-AB) No Longer Allowed for Flight Training??

    Not to be the pedantic one, but could the title of this thread be modified to eliminate SLSA? Experimental (E-AB or E-LSA) and S-LSA have very little to do with each other, and it's the former for which a LODA is required, not the latter.
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    I believe that would be the video in post #1 of this exact thread, by Autoreply. You don't seriously expect people to read from the beginning before arguing, do you? :)
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    Correct glue for Lexan windshield

    Why aren't expansion nuts more commonly used in this application? Is there an issue with vibration, or ???
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    Where to look for source of temporary electrical system failure?

    Engine ground strap (both ends). Battery ground (both ends). Master switch (switches?) Battery contactor. Beyond that we'd need to see schematics of the design and some further data.
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    Is there a 'complete unit' with nav/com/gps/adsb/xpnder?

    The industry rags (Kitplanes, Sport Aviation, AOPA Pilot et al) are full of planes with high-end IFR panels, in just about anything, from RVs to Glastars to Bearhawks and everything in between. I've always wondered what percentage of hours these usually sporty aircraft ever actually flew in real...