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  1. Scottiniowa

    3D printed Carbon Fiber Wing Ribs???

    I always enjoy on the original question morphs into many areas, and that is fine, but back to the original question--- doesn't it also beg or require the added type of rib end use? Rib for ultralight Rib for light craft, metal skin Rib for light craft, fabric Rib for skin that will be bonded...
  2. Scottiniowa

    Aircraft for the common man, homebuilt or kit....

    Please, I am not critiquing, --- I am always interested if someone/somewhere has been able to do it before. (all designs, flying that is) For your blended design plans. So, I am wondering, is there ANY Bi-plane with 32' wings, that meet ultralight weights? Just curious. I may have missed that...
  3. Scottiniowa

    Bigger Hero a 2 place simple light aircraft

    Has anything progressed on this? Want further help? Need assistance in 3-Day CAD layout?
  4. Scottiniowa

    Fuel Trailers It is up to you if you want to transfer gas with electricity. Last time I checked, 100% of all fuels have been transferred by electricity, as it could be done in this case.
  5. Scottiniowa

    Ultimate off road aircraft Tug? How do you get this site to open without the missing word "allow"?
  6. Scottiniowa

    Ultimate off road aircraft Tug?

    Trying to narrow down your search? Your wanting something only 45" total in width, pulling a aircraft with a 30' wing span, through muck and bogs, and have it weigh less than 2000 pounds minus crew (2?) so maybe 1600 pounds? And if I am reading this correctly it has to be able to pull up a...
  7. Scottiniowa

    Harley Powered Miller

    Chris.r.Ingram, in your opinion or any others if he had used a S & S case, heads, pistons and other parts, would/could or might have the suit never happened? This question based on the fact it was HD against him based on "engine purchased directly from them" I really would like to know, if...
  8. Scottiniowa

    Harley Powered Miller

    I don't often get on a stump, but.... in this case, I must. So bear with me. Everyone like to shout about Giants causing litigation issues for many good things, but in this case there is more to it. So you (an engine builder) have this great idea, taking in a relativity inexpensive motor that...
  9. Scottiniowa

    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    tcbetka Has brought out some really good points, I think a lot of you on the fence should read it more than once. (probably a lot more) I have been doing solid works since 1998 or so... we have come a long ways. But a few real key points he stated are pretty simple on the outside and complex...
  10. Scottiniowa

    Vibration free powerplant.

    What? How? Please indicate anyone doing this so called "easy task" please. Inquiring minds would like to know.
  11. Scottiniowa

    2-4 seat bush taildragger twin homebuilt

    somebody said that somebody said it should be so, so on the internet it must be true.
  12. Scottiniowa

    Updates on the seaplane ultralight!

    Some of the greatest minds in the aircraft world have struggled to make a top notch reduction gear set up. Don't underestimate the complexity of this job alone.
  13. Scottiniowa

    Sadler Vampire

    Are you folks saying someone owns the rights to the Sadler design? Is someone working on a design for the masses? "Working on" seems to cover from, "talking about it"- "kicking around a tube or two" to actually doing something, but often leading to a 10 year project which fades away...
  14. Scottiniowa

    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    When you go from the standard (loosely said) Max type of wing of 54" cord (mini max, Hi-max, airbike, the eagles and many more) to your possibly proposed 48" cord, did you configure to lengthen the wing, to maintain lift?
  15. Scottiniowa

    In with a bang, out with a whimper

    Very interesting subject, I wonder how many were designed to snag funds with no intentions of production? I wonder how many were designed simply based on a dream?, "they could make it better" but later found they couldn't. I wonder how many, were simply impossible to financially build? . i.e...
  16. Scottiniowa

    Need info: C172 Wing + Tube/Fabric Fuse

    RVC said < I wish they still had discussion forum for these > concerning the bearhawks, They still do have these
  17. Scottiniowa

    Fresh frame painting? alum stringer painting?

    What are folks finding working best for a fresh airframe (media blasted to bare metal) as well as alum stringer painting. I find to many that feel a simple priming of alum parts is good enough (no top coat) And some feel that is true for the frame as well. I intend to have both top coated in as...
  18. Scottiniowa

    Specs for a new motorglider design

    I have thought it over since this started, by truckie-d I want everything he wanted but also to take off vertically and land, as well as drive it home and put it into my garage. I want it, but am not going to get it. :pilot: But it is always nice to dream, as long as you know it is a dream...
  19. Scottiniowa

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Yesterday, 100's of rivets, re-enforcing strip, tank straps, more rivets... Life is good.