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    Airplane For Sale Glass Goose amphibian for sale

    Forgot to ask, where is the aircraft located and do the wings disassemble from the fuselage for transport? Is there a cowling fiberglass andassembly that go over the engine assembly and does the project come with the original plans/reference material.
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    Airplane For Sale Glass Goose amphibian for sale

    Might be interested in it. I will contact you. Would you be able to part / sell it without the engine assembly. I do not see if you had a prop available with that assembly.
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    HBA Member "Day Jobs"

    I graduated college back in the 70's with a degree in economics/business. worked a few years at a helicopter manufacturer (Sikorsky) in inventory and hated it but it was a job. Got my pilot license back in mid 80's. Change in direction,went in medicine got my masters in health science and am...
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    Q-200 Kit transport from VA to CA

    Try also freightQuote. Does the same thing. I am sure you could google more. Shipping like that is called LTL less than truck load. ABF moving gets u a 20-24 ft trailer and will drop it at both ends but u have to have someone load at each end. Have no idea how easy to get now with covid.. and...
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    Flying mag

    I guess they are trying to push everyone to digital. Two magazine I subscribe to and alas my local newspaper have now gone paperless. but still only 4 issues?
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    CONTACT! Magazine / Pat Panzera

    Sorry to hear of his passing. I hope someone takes up the torch for something similar to Contact magazine in the future so his legacy will live on.
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    Sun n Fun 2022

    Hope to be there unless plans fall thru. If I go will try to stop by, thanks for invite. Will probably drive and campout also have opportunity to fly with another but then that limits gear I can bring so leaning on drive. Off topic but where do u find landing fee info for smaller airports? I...
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    In with a bang, out with a whimper

    I love the brochures on MVP and of course Icon. Camping and fishing appeals to a lot of us. The problem was IMHO you are trying to market to 20-40 year olds who are trying to start a family buy house, sports car, motorcycle etc. if you are not priced in a catagory of less than 50k for your...
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    How Airlines Quietly Became Banks

    That might explain why spirit airline only wants $118 round trip Nashville to Vegas. Fill the seat even though a late nite flight from eastern time zone Still get revenue. Hell i can't get my motorcycle there and back for the gas price LOL
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    CONTACT! Magazine / Pat Panzera

    I did not know him or get the chance to meet him but hope he can survive this. Way back at Sun N fun in 1991 I met his predecessor Mick Myal and singed up for the new Contact magazine. Was it that long ago over 30 years.Have issue #1 with a note by him also another copy of that issue signed...
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    How Airlines Quietly Became Banks

    I think it was from Montreal to Vancouver as I have never been overseas as an adult. Flew from NY to LA a few times but don't remember double aisles. Now a days they all go to hubs and wussy airlines cancel when weather goes slightly bad. What is the use of being able to fly to CAT 1 or 2...
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    Airplane For Sale Avid Catalina Project N157AB $5000

    Why are all the nice projects located on the west coast, none east of the Mississippi.sigh. I couldn't get out to see it for at least 6 weeks. i am in Vegas in 4 but still a flight up to Seattle. If it is still available in march i may contact you.
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    How Airlines Quietly Became Banks

    Well it would cut down on lines to it. but frankly I'm on 3 high blood pressure meds and one is a diuretic so i go every 2hrs wether I want to or not.,Although I sometimes make the trip down the aisle just to be able to get up and stretch my legs, its been almost 20 years since I flew on an...
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    special end-of-year offer to HBA for affordable metal and plastic VGs

    Same here, my money outlay for my spare hobbies usually lags about 2-3 months out. Ooopps now need front tires on the truck. These things sometimes get in the way of essentials. maybe a February presidents day sale?
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    Finding airport for ground/taxi testing

    In most of the posts I might have missed do you already have an N#. I know your aircraft hasn't been inspected yet but If you look into it further possibly the EAA and also with less skin in the game AOPA would be most helpful. Can an airport taking public/FAA funding deny you access to the...
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    catto propellers

    Anyone know if Catto is down for the holidays? I sent two e-mails one on their site and one thru my own at yahoo mail. Been 7-10 days, I may have to call also.
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    Source for 2024 tubing?

    I have used Metal supermarkets in Knoxville TN 500 milwaukee way #865-630-255. of course they are less than an hr drive for me. I got some aluminum tubing for firework racks. They pre-cut to 5ft lengths for me at no charge. Not sure if they have stores in Nashville area.
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    Mazda 13b w/ Tracy Redrive

    Thanks,dwalker. Morristown is about 2hr away just past Gatlingburg exit. I will need to visit kevin in the coming year.
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    Mazda 13b w/ Tracy Redrive

    Any one know of a factory or similar engine overhaul/rebuild manual for th 09 renesis motor? I just got the factory (blue cover workshop manual #1927-1u-08c) off Ebay almost 2" thick and I was surprised no info on engine disassembly/rebuild,torque specs, clearances etc. Can't even find a basic...
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    Mazda 13b w/ Tracy Redrive

    Thank you Charlie.I am familiar with their site. I hope I can modify the one currently on the FWF package I got without redesigning/purchasing one. Hopefully can just rearrange some tubing angle to fit the Cozy firewall and clear things, and then onto a new prop and modify the cooling rads to...