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    Can you ID these ?

    Anyone know what aircraft these came from? They appear to be aileron bellcranks, connecting cables to pushrod. Can be assembled as left or right.
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    Scott 3-24B Tailwheel Stamped "Military"...

    .....certified for your Piper L-4 (or J-3), Taylorcraft L-2 (or B1, BC, BF). Average condition, see photos. $150 plus shipping. Dan Horton, 334-315-7160.
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    Continental A-75 A-80 Case

    A-75/80 case. Needs cleaning, plus stud replacement or re-plating. Believed good in all respects. Happy to photograph, check, or measure anything before purchase. Data plate re-stamped for installation of lighter A-75 pistons, which was common. $250 plus shipping. Dan Horton, 334-315-7160.