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  1. Dennis DeFrange

    Getting old and depressed...

    Sounds to me like you already have access to the absolute best partner . You and your son learning and building , making decisions together . My friend , it don't get no better than that . Get off that butt . You'll be surprised how it will sooth harsh memories of the past and set the stage for...
  2. Dennis DeFrange

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Couldn't fly it all day , you'd get there too fast . Who'd need something like that ? πŸ’
  3. Dennis DeFrange

    Once again with the FAA...

    Get the case drawn before a Judge , tell him that if the airplane is not awarded to you immediately , it will be delivered in his driveway before he returns home that evening . Be sure he has a picture of his new winnings . My friend , you will be the new owner . :bow: πŸ’
  4. Dennis DeFrange

    Greetings from GB

    Welcome aboard Ruth . Looks like Plan A is ready for Plan B . Dive in and don't be bashful . πŸ’
  5. Dennis DeFrange

    Manufacture aircraft kit parts as a retirement side hustle.

    One bay automatic car washes in remote towns that don't have one is a reliable income fore retirement and ya don't have to live there with it . Plenty of time to build what you want . The car wash equipment companies will even help with area surveys . Pull into a carwash near you and read the...
  6. Dennis DeFrange


    Neighbor was probably already pissed at the R/C activity and figured that your plane was a giant scale and had enough . Dumb Asses wouldn't have known the difference . Just another instance of American Greed , touch me nots . Folks in our precious Country have lost it . Pray for um , they really...
  7. Dennis DeFrange

    Oshkosh 2022

    Back to the calander shots .:bow:πŸ’
  8. Dennis DeFrange

    YouTube star plays stupid game, wins stupid prize...

    Careful , I used that one and got busted . πŸ’
  9. Dennis DeFrange

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    If the Idoit didn't need a good Taylor any more then we didn't need him to have a license any more . When I drink , everybody drinks .🍻 πŸ’
  10. Dennis DeFrange

    YouTube star plays stupid game, wins stupid prize...

    I made a comment on this and got my post revoked . I musta been a bad boy . πŸ’
  11. Dennis DeFrange


    Gosh , your name is Dennis also . I've had to live up to Dennis the Menise for 72 years now . πŸ’
  12. Dennis DeFrange


    Picky Picky :mad:πŸ’
  13. Dennis DeFrange

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanx Scrapper πŸ’
  14. Dennis DeFrange


    The Smith design never had a chance . Frank passed away shortly after completing the prototype and his son and wife , along with a few others finished the second one in line . The son (Don) flew it and Franks wife (Dorthy) had the plans completed and marketed them . I ,as well have original...
  15. Dennis DeFrange


    The seating problem can be fixed . I moved my shoulder bar aft 5'' and rudder pedals forward 2'' . I'm just under 6' at 245 lbs. and couldn't ask for a more comfortable fit . πŸ’
  16. Dennis DeFrange

    FEAR of ……………..RADIO ?

    Sometimes ya just gotta tell um , ya don't listen no faster than ya talk . They usually get it . πŸ’
  17. Dennis DeFrange


    I thought I heard the door bell ring . All ya gotta do is mention Smith MiniPlane and I get nosy . I know a little about the DSA and Jerry up in Iowa at Sky Classics , I think has the rights to the brand . Mark and Larry over on the BiPlane Forum as well as a few others there have a good bit of...
  18. Dennis DeFrange

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Looks like they had too many people in it . Should have known better πŸ’
  19. Dennis DeFrange

    Engine mount adapters for Continental O-200 to C-85 mount

    Exactly what I was looking for , thank you πŸ’
  20. Dennis DeFrange

    Engine mount adapters for Continental O-200 to C-85 mount

    I've seen cone shaped adapters that are used when putting an O-200 Cont. on a C-85 mount . Any info on a supplier or a drawing would be very useful . Thanx in advance for any leads . πŸ’