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  1. addicted2climbing

    Gimli Glider - The History Guy

    Hello All, This popped up in my email today and it was quite interesting. worth the few minutes to watch.
  2. addicted2climbing

    Part103 in every way but does not meet stall speed? Thoughts?

    Hello All, Since I currently have a Zigolo MG-12 and the owner now has the MG-21 in flight testing I have been working with the designer about the possibility of having it imported into the USA. He designed it for other specs that it meets in Europe but sadly is falling short on the Part 103...
  3. addicted2climbing

    Part 103 Nomogram?

    I was trading emails with Ed Fisher of Raceair in regards to meeting stall speed on the Skylite and how he derived if the Skylite met the actual stall speed. He said in the 80's the FAA released a nomogram where you would add parameters of the aircraft and it woudl give you a value to see if it...
  4. addicted2climbing

    New Video surfaced regarding guy jumping out of Taylorcraft...

    Enjoy.... If its nought Scottish its Craaaap!
  5. addicted2climbing

    Anyone else on HBA taking the "introduction to aircraft design" course from Aero Academy?

    Its a zoom class and so far only one session but its a nice thing to look forward too each Wednesday evening. Would be cool if any others on here were taking it and maybe we could help each other... Link here: All Courses - AeroAcademy
  6. addicted2climbing

    Thoughts on an all metal Jodel D9, Falconar F10 or Druine Turbulent Derivative? For Taller pilots!

    Hello All, I am planning to buy an Avid CNC router before year end as I need to get my list of tools I need together as I will need the write-off. I already have a Tormach PC1100 I plan to finally set up this winter and a 100W laser cutter not for metal though. Anyhow, I was thinking it...
  7. addicted2climbing

    Would this require an STC

    Hello All, I have a quick question that I figured someone on here would know. Lets say I wanted to remove the front seat on a Cessna 172, 175, 182 and use the seat rails as mounting points for something far lighter than the seat and the human that would sit in it and thus those rails would be...
  8. addicted2climbing

    Pou HM.16 drawings or plans for Pedal Plane

    Hello All, I am trying to find some 3 views or even a set of RC plans for a Pou HM.16. I have a 1yr old and plan to build a pedal plane for him and nothing looks more cartoon than a Pou. However, may build 2 and the other will be a Depischoff Avionette. Koen you got anything?
  9. addicted2climbing

    If the Klingons built a sailplane this would have been it! Beautiful

    Video speaks for itself, but boy I want to learn more about this design now. Cash in hand Bob K for you to develop a new modern version... :)
  10. addicted2climbing

    Looking to buy Micro Mong and Zippy Sport plans

    Hello All, I am looking for a set of the plans for the Micro Mong and Zippy Sport. I have tried repeatedly to get ahold of Jim at Green Sky, but it seems not possible. Even tried a personal email I have for him. So with that said, I want to buy a 2nd hand set. Since I am already offering...
  11. addicted2climbing

    Zenith Carb for a Cassler 1/2 Cut case?

    Hello All, My dad has a 1/2 VW project built from Cassler plans. He has found a few Zenith Updraft carbs online and has part numbers but has no idea what part number Zenith he should be looking for? Also if there is another brand carb people like I am open to suggestions. Thanks Marc
  12. addicted2climbing

    Boku can you make one of these next?

    Bob, I know you have the FES option on your HP24, but I remember a while back you entertained the thought of a Pod and boom Bowlus'ish glider with a shorter span able to use some of the existing wing molds from the HP24. Curious if you could lean more toward an 12 Meter smaller glider with the...
  13. addicted2climbing

    Graham Lee or Airdrome Aiplanes plans

    Posted this before and know that the airdrome plans are not for sale individually, but would like to find a set to look at from an already built plane. I don't intend to build from the plans but mainly to study them. Graham Lee Nieuport plans or Sopwith plans also will work but not interested...
  14. addicted2climbing

    Importing a currently flying Experimental from Australia to the USA?

    Hello All, I have friends who have done it from USA to Australia but don't know anyone the other way. I looked it up with the FAA and it seems there is a reciprocity for airworthiness in place between the USA and Australia, but unsure how that applies to an experimental? Would I need build...
  15. addicted2climbing

    Whats the consensus on the Xenos as a viable low performance motorglider?

    Hello All, This may have been asked before but with the search not working I get no hits on the Xenos and none even on the Sonex. Hope this gets fixed eventualy. Being 6'3" tall I never gave the Sonex line of aircraft any thought as I know I would never fit. I always liked the Moni and the...
  16. addicted2climbing

    Laser Cutters and glue joints?

    Hello All, I have a need for a laser cutter for my home business and need a large one to cut some pelican case foam inserts as well as other items. There are many options online and I use to run a very large laser cutter at my work and loved it. Min size that will work for my needs is 600mm x...
  17. addicted2climbing

    Lowrider 2 CNC Anyone build one?

    Hello All, In the Ranger forum Fritz mentions the Lowrider 2 CNC machine which is made from 3D printed parts. At first I was skeptical that by using 3D printed parts that it would be rigid enough to cut accurately, but now giving it a second look. Anyone Build one and has one running? Have...
  18. addicted2climbing

    Looking for Basic Med Dr in Los Angeles/San Fernando Area

    At my last medical I ended up with a Special issuance 3rd Class medical Due to buying a dental mouth device for Snoring and having a sleep study done where I came back with what should have been a low enough number for the FAA not to care. My Dr and the examiner both said it was at the bottom...
  19. addicted2climbing

    Cant post on my build log

    Hello, I started a build log just after the update and for some reason someone was able to post on my build log and now I am unable. It says I do not have sufficient permissions. Is it possible to gert access again and also keep others from posting? I also started a discussion thread people...
  20. addicted2climbing

    Discusion Thread: Raceair Skylite Build and sub-kit developments

    Hello All, This will be the thread where people can ask questions, offer advice and such in relation to postings in the build log titled: Raceair Skylite Build and sub-kit developments. I just made my first post so have a look and let me know what you think. I will post updates as I move...