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  1. dwalker

    Control preferences?

    I did not find a specific area I felt this actually fit, and it occurred to me that this might provoke some very opinionated answers, so this might be the right arena for the discussion... That said, as the Dragonfly inches and crawls painfully slowly forward, I need to make some decisions...
  2. dwalker

    Little video about my flight training experiences-

    I wish I knew then what I know now sort of thing, and honestly I look back and feel pretty stupid- hope the video is not too long-
  3. dwalker

    Take the mess out of two-part foam

    I made a short video about how I mix stuff, especially two-part foam-
  4. dwalker

    Out with the old, in with the new...

    A few weeks ago I updated my previous post regarding whether I should find a new flight school or not that I was getting passed to a different CFI in the flight school, as my initial instructor was heading off to ATP-land. It took a month to actually get up with the new guy. The new guy sucks...
  5. dwalker

    Source for 2024 tubing?

    I need to buy the 1" x 0.035 2024-T3 tubing for my control surface torque tubes, and wondered if anyone had a reasonable and reliable source? I am all set to order from ACS but just looking for options. EDITED for the correct size and to add the missing T number
  6. dwalker

    Voice annunciator for my project

    As I wait patiently (ish) for supplies, bits and pieces to trickle in I am doing small things that I do have or can get parts for. One of those projects is using an Arduino for a few things, including controlling the warning LEDs for various things, and I figured why not add a voice annunciator...
  7. dwalker

    Inspection port covers

    My Dragonfly has two round inspection ports- pictured below- under the wing. These allow for inspection of the aileron, rudder cable, and speedbrake mechanisms as well as for access to the wing attach bolts. I am looking for some suggestions for finishing them. My current plan is to do a carbon...
  8. dwalker

    What can be done with an 0-235?

    I happened on an 0-235 core engine and after a little research the only common upgrade is to put high compression pistons in one or sell it and go 0-320. Well, I am considering using this lump when and if the Vari-EZ is either determined to not have WAP issues or I build a new set of wings for...
  9. dwalker

    Fairing external antennas?

    So my understanding of radios waves and turning those into wounds heard through speakers is far to the meager side, and have read just enough about this to be confused. Plane-Viking Dragonfly, foam and FG construction with carbon fiber used in the wing and canard par caps and around the canopy...
  10. dwalker

    Experimental/LSA to build time in?

    I feel like this is such a loaded question that I might regret asking, but- If you were a low-time pilot, or, like me finishing up your PPL and wanting to build time, what would you buy? I ask this because I had intended from the start to buy a Tomahawk, Cherokee, C150, etc. as a low cost time...
  11. dwalker

    Rough River Canard Fly-in

    I drove up with a former long-ez driver to the fly in yesterday. On the way we went through some rain and was a little concerned maybe some folks would stay home. Turned out to be a very good event with I think around 50 canard aircraft there, the sun came out a little before noon and planned...
  12. dwalker

    Need input RE: flight instructor

    Has anyone switched flight instructors prior to solo? I really like my instructor as a person but I have gotten the feeling lately he is very very focused on the next phase of his career towards an ATP. I totally get that, it is the next move for him and a very important step in his career. At...
  13. dwalker

    MOGAS/E85 etc.?

    I am considering building my Corvair flight engine to be E85 compatible. This is going together as a 3.4litre, "high" compression, 5th bearing engine using a modern sequential EFI (one injector per cylinder) and coil near plug (one coil per cylinder). I cannot think of anything that is not...
  14. dwalker

    Airventure Ford TriMotor tickets

    As I posted a couple days ago, my wife tested positive for Covid and as I will no longer be attending Airventure, I have 2 tickets for the Ford Tri-motor flight tomorrow I am not going to use. If anyone is interested shoot me a message, I should be able to just email the e-tix info over.
  15. dwalker

    Parts Wanted PLANS for J3 Cub/ Wag-a-bond or Bearhawk wanted

    Before I make a solid decision and send money off to buy fresh new plans, does anyone have a good set of plans they no longer plan on using? In no real hurry this is a project that i wont even really start for the next couple of years, but I figure go ahead and get the plans and purchase...
  16. dwalker

    Wingtip/canard tips for Dragonfly MK2

    I took some time tonight and went through the plans, the newsletters, etc. and could not find any solid info on how to finish the wingtips. It appears that at some point in the 90s/early 2000's there was a company that made pre-molded tips, but otherwise it seems to be something of a "builders...
  17. dwalker

    Dragonfly MK2 or MK2H MAIN GEAR

    Like the title says, I want to be able to convert my Dragonfly from tri-gear to taildragger, and to do that I need the Dragonfly MK2 gear, either the mid-wing stub gear or the hoop gear will work, with the hoop gear being preferred. I know of at least one owner that has used KR2 main gear as...
  18. dwalker

    Epoxy recommendations!

    I very much would like to use MGS epoxy which I am familiar with, however the COVID has disrupted the supply chain and there is none to be had. Does anyone have any recommendations and positive experiences as to an alternative epoxy to MGS that is actually available?
  19. dwalker

    Looks like it is Corvair power for my Vari-EZE

    I have just about given up on finding an 0-200, but sourcing a Corvair core was as easy as driving an hour, handing over cash money, and driving home. I have spoken with both William Wynne and Bill Clapp and read both thier works on the Corvair as a flight engine. At this moment I am tipping...
  20. dwalker

    Backup battery power for EFIS/panel

    As I go through the now countless revisions trying to figure out what my panel will eventually look like, and having read of various electrical issues that knocks out some or all of the panel, I am very interested to hear other folks thoughts, opinions, and strategies for powering a "modern"...