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  1. pfarber

    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    I just deleted the old copy of solidworks I had via the EAA. Has anyone actually used the 3DExperince suite? It is worth the money? Is it useable over an LTE tethered connection or do I need 100Mbps to make it useful? I have the option to get Solidworks Student Edition for $99, the EAA...
  2. pfarber

    Goodyear wheels and brakes

    I inhereted some Goodyear brakes and wheels (with very good tires and tubes). One caliper needs replaced and service info is lacking. So far, these brakes seems to be despised, and brake linings are $250 per wheel. So dump them? Make them work (via ebay)? Can they be salvaged in any way?
  3. pfarber

    Parts For Sale DUAL XGPS150A Universal GPS receiver

    For sale is like new DUAL model XGPS150A Universal GPS receiver. For Android and IOS. Used less than 10 hours. Screen shots show a current GPS fix from my office. I used it as a GPS source for my iPad/FlyQ setup but bought a Stratux device that made it redundant. These are selling new on...
  4. pfarber

    Finding airport for ground/taxi testing

    When its getting close to fly, what are some of the things to look out for at airports? Can an public airport forbid an E/AB from doing tests like taxi/run ups? Any tips on what to ask about when trying to get a spot on an airport?
  5. pfarber

    Mitigating corrosion from moisture in wood

    Took apart an aileron that uses wooden ribs (3 wood ribs 7in long 2.5in tall 1 in thick) and they are bolted to a 1in OD 2024-t3 torque tube. There was corrosion (pitting) under every rib, enough to reject one tube. Since the plans don't address it, what can I do to mitigate the corrosion...
  6. pfarber

    The EAA builders site is laughable bad.

    I've had a few emails back and forth with the EAA tech dir about how bad the security of their site is. I mean its crap. So more proof.... I make an account on the eaa builders website. It requires a ton of stuff that should be simply copied over from my EAA membership, or better yet, just...
  7. pfarber

    Substitute Red Oak for Mahogany?

    The flaps/ailerons of my Bede lists Mahogany as the the material for some ribs. The ribs are 1x7x2 in a symmetrical teardrop shape with a 1in hole for the torque tube. There are a total of 8 ribs. The Janke scale lists Red Oak at 1250lbf but multiple Mahogany species from 830lbs up to...
  8. pfarber

    Round number for heat treatment?

    Before I call up the company's I have found I wanted to get a general idea of what the cost of heat treating a -O aluminum alloy to the -T3 state. Anyone have any small projects done (ie wing ribs)? I know I can form the 2024-T3 around a form, but I think It will be much easier if I did all...
  9. pfarber

    EAA will pay for the DAR inspection??

    I read this" EAA members can receive an inspection by a DAR with fees waived, except for out of pocket expenses. " Anyone have more...
  10. pfarber

    how much bondo?

    Im looking at my BD's flat surfaces and the previous owners did quite a bit of bondo work. Almost every rivet row has bondo and I am seriously tempted to rip it off and 'do it right' (or try to). Do factory planes get bondo or is the stamping of parts good enough to not require the pink stuff...
  11. pfarber

    Anyone here pick the Garmin GI275 over the uAvionics AV30?

    They appear to be offering the same features, but the GI275 seems to a Garmin only/mostly ecosystem while the uAvionics appears to more readily support anything that adheres to standard IO specs. I like that the AV30 is more a 'build your own custom system' vs the GI275 is 'here are your...
  12. pfarber

    rebuilding stabilator: reskin and spar that has been drilled

    I inherited a stabilator that has some poor workmanship. I want to reskin. What are my options to reuse the main and trailing spars? They are blind riveted. Should I try and replicate the holes from the spar onto the new skin or simply move a safe distance over? Not worried about the...
  13. pfarber

    Lock 2+ year old topics

    It seems that there should be an auto lock of topics.. one thread came back from the dead from 2013. I think a year is long enough for people to contribute and if a new post is so stupendous and informative, the poster can message the mods to open it back up.
  14. pfarber

    Best video for making wooden forms to bend ribs?

    What are some good how-to videos on making and then using a wooden form for a rib? If they start out with calculating bend allowance would be even better. Most of what youtube searches bring up are, to me, lacking in detail. Even the EAA videos are a bit light. I've done it before, I just...
  15. pfarber

    Interesting video of auto-diesels

    basically it seems that if you want to sell an engine, you need to SUPPORT it. Most of those companies never even had a US service center? Quite a few certified car engines... seems Diamond was the only one with the will power to see it through.
  16. pfarber

    TONS of low cost King Mode C's out there... opinions?

    See a TON of King Mode C's for sale. Like sub $300 in working order. I guess a lot are coming out due to ADS-B upgrades? I know a lot of them are officially out of support, but there still are quite a few repair centers taking them for repair/certification. I really don't need ADS-B OUT, and...
  17. pfarber

    Does buying a membership still default to auto renewal?

    Its time for me to renew, but I remember last year I had to go through the hoops and disable the auto-billing 'for my convenience' Has this been changed? Is there an option to just pay support for 1 year and not worry about it being auto-billed next year?
  18. pfarber

    Who here has no need/intention to add ADS-B OUT?

    I really don't need it, and I don't plan on flying to places where it will be required. So I have, for the foreseeable future, decided that ADS-B OUT is a non-issue for me. Anyone else (BESIDES THE NO ELECTRICAL SYSTEM FOLKS) have this same view? I mentioned that I had no intention of add...
  19. pfarber

    Anyone flying the AV-30 for their 6 pack?

    I am 80% sure that I will run dual UV-30s for my primary instruments. Anyone have one? I downloaded the simulator and it seems that once you set it up, you don;t touch it. One thing I did learn is that if you put it into a taildragger you might have issues as the AHRS will not zero because of...
  20. pfarber

    Airtrike SPG-5

    Looking for a like new or very, very low time SPG-5 PSRU. RPM range between 5000-6000. Send specs and price and photos.