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    Carbon Fiber Tubing

    Does anybody have any experience with this carbon fiber tubing sold by Aircraft Spruce? CARBON FIBER TUBING from Aircraft Spruce I am building a Cozy and have been looking at this tubing for two applications in the Cozy. First, I was thinking of substituting the aluminum aileron torque tubes...
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    What is the ultimate bush plane?

    What is the most ultimate bush plane of all time? To me it is between the Beaver and the Piper Cub.
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    Rebuilding a Lycoming IO-360

    Is it realistic for a homebuilder to rebuild his own Lycoming IO-360? I am building a Cozy aircraft and I am thinking about engine issues. New engines are expensive. The run out engines look pretty cheap. I really like engines and engine work, but I have never worked on an aircraft engine. I...