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    For Sale Loehle P-5151

    Loehle P-5151 with Rotax 582 bluehead. 100hrs on engine. Runs great. Needs annual. Has N-Number and airworthy Cert. Got more planes than I can keep up with. $8500.00 May trade for motorcycle. Also Have a Geo 1.0 3cyl w/ raven redrive converson for sale. Mike
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    Wanted Rotax Exhaust

    Need a complete straight exhaust system for a rotax 503.
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    Wanted c- box

    Need a 3.1 or 3.47 C or E drive gearbox for a rotax.
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    For Sale Corvair Eng.

    Rebuilt Corvair engine. 75% completed. Have everything to finished engine including 5th bearing with the exception of the carb and intakes. For sale or trade for a rotax 582 bluehead with a 3.0 c gearbox.
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    Wanted GN-1 Wings

    Still looking for a set of GN-1 Aircamper wings and other parts. Mike