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  1. Chris Matheny

    Lycoming engine parts specs please

    It seems near impossible to find any real measurements or weights of "certified" aircraft engine parts. I'm wanting the connecting rod length, piston weight (with rings and pins preferably). I'm wanting to run some calculations on these engines at 2700RPM as to instantaneous piston speeds and G...
  2. Chris Matheny

    GM LE2 engine conversion

    This will be the thread where I will share progress of converting a GM 1.4L Cruze LE2 engine. So far I have disassembled a spare engine to look over everything and decide if I like it. I weighed everything individually and have decided to use it. The entire engine with turbo, ecm alternator and...
  3. Chris Matheny

    New member from Dayton Ohio area.

    Hello all, I'm Chris Matheny from near the birthplace of aviation. I have started on an automotive conversion idea I had and have almost completed the redrive for it and should have the engine running it on a test stand by spring. This is a 4 cylinder inline liquid cooled turbo engine with dual...