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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Probably does not need the 'lift' pump. Just speculating, but since the Audi is German it more than likely uses a Bosch common rail pump. All Bosch common rail pumps have a low pressure pump integrated into the pump body with the high pressure pump. The low pressure pump is typically a positive...
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    Sealing crankcase halves.

    HondaBond#4, YamaBond#3, SuzukiBond#?. They're all a gray butyl rubber compond. It's what all Jap motorcycle cases are sealed with. Harley too I think, at least I've seen a gray line at the parting line on some new Harleys. Gooey, but not very thick. Most importantly of all, unlike RTV, any...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    At first glance using the cam for crankshaft position and stroke info is a great idea. In practice you'll be greatly disappointed in the engine performance. There is just too much lash/wiggle/resonance/etc in the camshaft. Been there, several attempts, and done that. The ignition timing is so...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    It seems that all of the embedded code is licensed under the GPL V2. As such, you can never be cut off from the code. Start your own GitHub or GitLab project and compile and test your own code. You of course would have to change the name.
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    The MC33814 is an engine control chip, not a microprocessor. For those that aren't in to this kind of stuff it means that the MC33814 can't run software, it's basically a driver chip. Warning-techno babble to follow It will need to be paired with an MCU through SPI and what looks like a minimum...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    User guide for the the reference board design. Shows pretty much exactly how development works on these type boards.
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    If NLA means No Longer Available possibly there is a miscommunication. When I log into my NXP account it shows the reference design board as active and in stock. Freescale used to be very good about supplying an availability roadmap. They would tell you exactly how long the chip/reference design...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    Yea, that's even simpler than I was speaking of. NXP sells a reference design board ready to go for single and 2 cylinder engines, fuel and ignition. Just checked, the price is $155. The link below is the page for the reference design with a functional diagram...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    Don't know too much about ARM based MCUs. My background is in embedded automotive engine controllers. All of the things requested so far are certainly doable, CANII, USB, WIFI, on-board ADC, etc, but feature creep will kill a project like this in a hurry. I think that what you are doing here is...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    What license do you propose for the embedded software?
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    Build your own VW engine

    Especially since the horsepower and torque lines don't cross at 5252 rpm as they must. (if using English units of lbs/ft and rpm)
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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    Been thinking a good bit about this. As to whether single or dual cylinder heads are preferable, I don't have much of an opinion. Either can be made to work well. Someone suggested a dual cylinder head that could be cut in half for a single cylinder. Novel thought, possibly could be made to...
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    Connecting rod clearance

    Type I VW, 82 mm stroke crank and 90.5 mm pistons. What is the shortest connecting rod that can be used without the crank or opposite rod hitting a cylinder or piston skirt? Common lengths, as per ScatVW are 5.394 in., 5.500 in. and chevy length, 5.700 in. Not worried about the cam, just the...
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    New 1/2 VW Conversion with Harley Davidson Parts

    With the bore to stroke ratio of this engine I expect torque numbers to exceed the hp numbers in the 32-3400 RPM band. Hopefully they just misspoke. Otherwise, somebody should tell them, that in English units of HP and torque, torque always exceeds HP below 5252 rpm.
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    Opposed piston engine re-visit

    Just for a little fun, thought that this might be of interest. Home It is incredible what people have done with cranks, levers, ellipsoids, etc. And remember, this site deals just with opposed piston engines!
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    Opposed piston engine re-visit

    Actually, modern high speed diesels, high speed meaning over approx 1100 rpm, use a considerable amount of timing advance. In fact, modern automotive CI engines have timing numbers not dissimilar to SI engines. At the risk of being long winded, a little background on diesel combustion might be...
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    End of reactive era?

    People all over the world have shown that this one works :) The highest reported efficiency is currently right at 1 Newton/kW.
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    Designing new Aviation ECU

    Ross, were you referring to the simple 555 timer or the MPC555?
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    TWo Stroke Vs. Four, Why not???

    Actually, starting in the early 1970s most Japanese 2 stroke street bikes had 'pressure' lubrication to the main bearings. The Kawasaki triples and Suzuki GT twins are two examples. Oil in the oil tank fed the injection pump which supplied oil to the main roller/ball bearings. After...
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    Designing new Aviation ECU

    Thought that if I was going to offer an opinion I should do it before things got too far along. First let me say that the concept of building a dedicated ECU is certainly do-able. The problem that I see is the choice of microcontroller. I think that the PIC is a poor choice for this use case...