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    The legal end of producing products for experimental scratch builders

    I've considered making and selling several fixtures and jigs I've made while building my current project. I think I've had some good ideas and people would buy them if the price was right, that said if I had to account for the CYA effect it would most likely price them too expensive to be...
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    Realworld Solutions

    Anyone know if someone will carry on Tracy's ECM? It would be a shame if they were not availble to everyone.
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    Another new guy here in MN

    Figured I would pop in and say hi. I've been learking in this forum for a year or so now. Figured it was time I joined. I'm an A&P but I've been out of aviation for about 10 years. My flying has also suffered and been non existent but I hope to change that soon. I've been wanting to build my...
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    Wood prop blanks

    I'd like to build a wood prop for my bearhawk patrol project (it would be a couple years down the road) but I'd like to get more info on making the prop blank. I've purchased the propeller making for amature book and have also collected ANC-18 and some other sport air articles about prop...