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  1. cblink.007

    Epoxy Wipe composite finishing technique!!

    I can assume these pages have been listed here, but if not, here are some pages describing the "epoxy wipe" technique: And the video to supplement the above link... I am using the same...
  2. cblink.007

    Dyke Delta mechanical flight control schematics... any pictures out there?

    Working on our flying wing project, our elevon mixer, in its current form, is inspired from a Beech Bonanza V-Tail ruddervator mixer. We know it will work great, but we are curious to know how the Dyke Delta's mixer is laid out. Does anyone have any pix they would be willing to share? Thanks!!
  3. cblink.007

    A Russian-built GA the US?

    So, I was having a discussion today with some old friends who now call TsAGI their home. Anyways, they told me of a light Russian GA single, the Ilyushin Il-103, that is in fact FAR certified! This aircraft looks like it is in the same group of other singles like the PA-28 & C172. Has anybody...
  4. cblink.007

    Vacuum bagging for molded composite pieces...are there any decent training videos out there??

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but are there any good videos out there that are a good/great "how to" with fabricating & vacuum bagging molded composite pieces? We all know about Building the Rutan Composites and the Mike Arnold AR-5 videos (I have them all and watched them ad...
  5. cblink.007

    Suggestion for a new category

    I'd like to throw out there, the idea of having a new category of Prototype Aero Modeling. No, I am not suggesting a category for your general R/C aircraft; I have personally had it up to here with drone mania, and there are plenty of sites out there to get that fix! What I am suggesting here...
  6. cblink.007

    L-V Aeronautics Flying Wing Project Back On!!

    First, on behalf of the L-V group, I wish to sincerely apologize to the forum here. The last 10 months have been extraordinarily trying, requiring us to temporarily shelve the project while we attended to a myriad of personal matters that frankly overwhelmed the whole team! We have received...
  7. cblink.007

    Making a flexible sanding spline... need some input

    Hey all, I am skinning the 25% scale proof of concept prototype of a design of mine, and at a point where I need to be thinking about finishing! This model, as a simultaneous dress rehearsal / laboratory for moldless fabrication, is made with known foam/glass/epoxy matrix. It is unorthodox by...
  8. cblink.007

    BMW R1100GS Conversion... requesting feedback

    I am looking into the possibility of converting a BMW R1100GS for aircraft use. Apparently it has been done very successfully overseas, but some questions remain: 1. Before anyone jumps the gun, yes, I have contacted Spang Air in Germany, since their aircraft uses it, and I am awaiting feedback...
  9. cblink.007

    Electromechanical Landing Gear Actuators

    In the course of doing some research on designing a retract system for my bird. I am particularly interested in an electric actuation system. Does anybody know of any actuators out there that are suitable for a light aircraft (ie under 2500lbs). I already have a design for the struts and...
  10. cblink.007

    Continental O-200 Block CAD Drawings...anybody have them?

    Team: Doing a 2-place aircraft design; about to start building next month. The design is around a Rotax 912, but if I were to offer this design in the form of a kit or plans, I would be interested in the O-200 as an alternative engine (we are also planning another design around an O-200 as...
  11. cblink.007

    FibreGlast System 2000 and EcoPoxy...your thoughts??

    Team: We have been doing some significant epoxy research for our 2-seat aircraft. It will be of similar structure/construction technique as aircraft such as the Cozy and Long EZ. We already got a ton of great information from the PTM&W Industries (Aeropoxy) with their ES6247 (Bonding) and...
  12. cblink.007

    HELP!! Hotwire Saw 12V adjustable amp Power Source....need assistance

    Team: I've hit a brick wall in my project. Needing a hotwire saw to cut foam pieces (which I have problem there), I seem to be at a loss as to a power source; and where to find one/make one. I know I need a 12V 2-6 Amp adjustable power source, but apparently, these do not...
  13. cblink.007

    Eureka CNC ... has anyone used their products??

    Hey all: I found a company that does custom CNC cutting for foam cores, called Eureka CNC. Their website is . I was wondering if anyone out there on this forum has used their products, and would like to give some feedback. From what I have seen on this company’s...