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    Wanted want to. purchase

    Hello Everyone I am looking for a 52×42 or 52×44 propellor 35 mm Posa or Revflo carb Exhaust for VW conversion Thank
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    KR 2 restore

    Just took in a 1983 KR2 airframe with instruments but no engine. Initial look over is positive but a thorough inspection is forthcoming. This a retractable gear version. Some superficial damage is all....I hope. My second KR2 but I am no means an expert in this design. Please feel free to offer...
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    ??? on the Wankle rotary

    Hello.. Has anyone installed a Wankle rotary on a KR2? I am picking up an older but complete airframe tomorrow morning. It has been in climate controlled storage for some years but a thorough inspection is in order. There is a Wankle conversion for sale locally but any input...