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    Superior buys back all XP-382 and XP-400 engines

    Part of the reason for angled holes thru crankpins is likely to make them self cleaning by centrifugal force, reducing any sludge/debris buildup which can alter balance of the crankshaft over time. One thing that struck me of photos is the crack/break is all around & outboard of the fillet...
  2. J

    LS376/480 - Major power loss.

    While I remember those articles vaguely, were they single pipe per cyl or in pairs or 4 to 1 collector. I do remember doing some exh testing on a 2L Pinto powered Hydroplane with both 4/1 headers and 4 individual stacks (both with anti reversion steps @ port face). Engine ran nicer on the 4/1...
  3. J

    LS376/480 - Major power loss.

    The end shape of each exh stub and its position in relation to the airflow & boundary layer will have a huge effect on scavenging at speed, something you wont be able to re-create on the dyno, guess its a case of test fly and use some onboard data collection a bit like some race car series as a...
  4. J

    TBO or RCM & why?

    A thin plastic slinger between the copper slip ring & bearing if room would keep grease off slip rings. It would need to be larger than slip ring dia.
  5. J

    Trailing-link landing gear

    The Falco is only complex if you look at the detail of the dwgs, but real simple in principle especially if you make it fixed gear. replace the oleo with something like the zenith rubber pad setup & you could self fabricate quite easy.
  6. J

    PSRU for Range Rover engine??

    The Drawing posted in reply #13 above is NOT that of the Rover V8. The Rover is a deep skirt block with crank C/L approx. 2.5" above pan block interface and two further bell housing attach points in that area.
  7. J

    Aerobatic Tandem Two-Seater

    Sounds like you want a F1 EVO with retracts.
  8. J

    LS3 - Supercharged

    Supercharger should remove any concerns you have/had about short exhaust stacks as well.
  9. J

    PSRU for Range Rover engine??

    Fair point, but I had also looked at the OP's previous posts and noted he was interested in a Spitfire replica which would give him plenty of room for some extended length and a rearward shift of engine weight for c/g purposes. My fault for thinking outside the square I guess!:)
  10. J

    PSRU for Range Rover engine??

    Remember the OP is from London UK, hence the choice of Range Rover alloy V8, plenty of old rovers over there and an auto trans bell housing would serve fine for mounting any reduction drive unit to.
  11. J

    PSRU for Range Rover engine??

    Prowler Aviation did have one for first A/C built, not sure if still available. Autoflight in NZ also have made one for the Rover, think I might have pics of it on a P76 Maranda. They also have a LS1 unit under development for Titan Mustang
  12. J

    Discussion thread: mcrae0104 project

    Don't know if you have read of this aircraft in NZ. Couple of other page / links in reference to it @ top LH corner. I see owner/builder passed away several years ago. With regard to rearward cockpit placement, since pilot weight is a given...
  13. J


    IIRC the Thunder had dual Motec, this allowed the V12 to be run on either left or right bank as a inline 6 for 'get home safe' purpose. Your V8 cannot run smoothly on one bank as a inline 4 due to the firing order, could be done by connecting cyls to intake manifolds in necessary sequence, but...
  14. J

    Flexible Drive Cables

    Pontiac Tempest driveshaft info, don't know if its what your after..
  15. J

    Dyno numbers in...

    I'm planning on something like this for BMW V12, makes the exh function along the lines of the first section of a set of Tri-Y headers.
  16. J

    Dyno numbers in...

    Results from Dyno wont mean much as the airflow past exh stubs will create a scavenge effect you cannot replicate in dyno cell, mount the whole deal on a flat bed trailer & cruise down freeway @ ~100mph might give you a close to real world result, or just fly it and test in plane. I presume...
  17. J

    Do plans exist for scale Aircobra/Kingcobra replica?

    Jerry Bates Plans in the USA for 1/4 scale plans, for a guy building a carrier/tail dragger version from scratch.
  18. J

    Do plans exist for scale Aircobra/Kingcobra replica?

    Just get a BMW V12 or LS3 if you must, P51 wing less inboard LE extensions & add round tips is just about the right planform & has strength in the main spar at correct points for main gear. Drop engine in fuselage and use a 3 gear reduction to lower front end of d/shaft, most of you older guys...
  19. J

    DH-88 Comet Re-Imagined? 300kts cruise W/ Modern Aerodynamics?

    I think you will find that this ex canada replica is now at Croydon Aircraft Co, Mandeville, NZ. making slow progress, these pics I found on net from several years ago. Tail can be seen in background behind leopard moth and wing with open leading edge skin in foreground..
  20. J

    MALISH DUCTED FAN GOES VIRAL. The masses have spoken, and they want ducted fans.

    ON the link above Page 12, Post #336 an excellent you-tube video of what appears to be an early flight with data recording, seems to have had a vibration period at one point that caused a few concerns, but going by the other pics on the thread they have been working thru fan failures etc. 'Wish...