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    Fabrication and Production of Compound Curved Sheet Metal Panels

    As much as I tried with my design here:, I failed in designing something that is completely flat-wrapped, mostly with aesthetic reasons. While the wing/fin tips, wing fillet, and cowl can be made of composites, the...
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    Control Surface forces

    Was wondering if y'all were aware of any good resources or equations for calculating control surface forces? I can ballpark it through CFD....but as always, empirical equations are good for accuracy and checking the simulation. Thanks in advance!
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    Handheld CNC manufacturing

    So this came in the mail today: I am planning to build a metal airplane, so my thoughts are that instead of: 1. Complete CAD drawings 2. Print drawings 3. Make wooden templates for parts. 4. Transfer template to sheet metal 5. Cut sheet metal I can: 1. Complete CAD drawings 2. Transfer...
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    Quest for a workbench

    So I recently got a place with a garage and, with that, a place to build a workshop. After epoxying the floor, I decided to build the centerpiece of such a shop: the workbench. But it couldn't be any workbench...I got a TIG welder during the holidays and had to both justify its purchase and...
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    Case Study: Oleo Strut

    Having never been a fan of the cantilever spring landing gear designs so favored by Cessna, Vans, and about half of the homebuilt industry, I decided to sketch the oleo design detailed in Pazmany's "Landing Gear Design for Light Aircraft: Vol 1" (There was never a Vol.2; too bad as it was to...
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    Aerobatic Tandem Two-Seater

    So personally, I think the CAD exercise at my other thread has run its course. I can finish the model, but as I have no desire to build a P-51 replica given there is no viable engine and there are a bazillion of them around...
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    CAD Exercise: Mustang Outer Mold Line

    One thing I do miss about no longer being an engineer is designing stuff in I'm drawing up a Mustang in Solidworks for fun! This will actually be my second attempt as my first was based on drawings from some Czech scale model magazine. This iteration will be based on some factory...
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    Mojave Experimental Fly-In

    16 April 16 To coincide for the first ever, HBA West Coast meeting. Who's in? Mojave Experimental Fly-in I'll be driving up on Saturday morning. Activities seem to go from 10am-2pm and a banquet from 6pm onwards. You guys want to meet between the expo or the banquet or forgo the banquet...
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    HUD Envy: The homebrewed Heads-Up-Display

    So I was a bit of a flight sim junkie when I was a kid and I wondered at the time, given blurry resolutions and such, how anyone ever managed to land a plane without a Heads Up Display. After flying for real, I sort of got past that...that or just made due. Still, I always wanted one and it...
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    Landing Gear Mechanism Case Study: F-5/T-38

    Hey guys! Got a little bored last night, did a little reading, and decided to whip up the mechanism on the F-5/T-38. For those who don't know, the T-38 (and it's F-5 descendant) has really really thin wings. Not quite F-104 thin, but the maximum thickness where the gear mechanism is is just...
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    High Temperature Epoxy Resin

    Just a heads up for those who want to both build composite airplanes and paint them any color. High Temp Epoxy Resin in stock | Fibre Glast Heat Distortion temperature is at 309°F, which is a couple degrees higher than than Vinylester (~300°F). More importantly, it has about 3 times the tensile...
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    X-Plane alternative for testing configurations

    I've been playing around with Kerbal Space Program for the last couple months and am actually quite amazed (I'm easily impressed) at what it can simulate. Granted it's mostly a rocket sim, but with some free addons, it actually simulates aircraft pretty well too. Rather than trying to shape a...
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    What Inspired You to Start Flying? (Ideas, People, Quotes, Movies, etc)

    Was just wondering. I volunteer at a local Civil Air Patrol mentoring high school aged kids. We've had couple discovery flights, demonstration flights which are free for the kids, cancelled from lack of interest. Now I don't know about you guys, but twelve year old me would have been climbing...
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    Design inspiration from the past

    So I had the day off on Friday and I headed down to the fantastic Planes of Fame Museum down in Chino, CA to visit its huge collection of 100+ warbirds. I didn't know it at the time, but apparently the Chino Airshow was last week, so a lot of the visiting flying exhibits were still...
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    Everything you need to know about aircraft design minus the experience

    Or so says MIT. I've only given it a cursory glance, but the course list looks pretty darn complete. All for free, too! Aeronautics and Astronautics | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials And if your interests extend outside of aviation: Find Courses by Department | MIT...
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    Homebuilt Jet Engine

    With a grinder and duct tape! I don't know about you guys, but I found the video below strangely motivational...Imagine what this guy can do if he was a homebuilder!
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    Dynamic Stability Help

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering if I could get some pointers in understanding dynamic stability, which is the only thing holding back the design I've been working on. From what I do know about dynamic stability, it is affected by both the aerodynamic shape and the inertial properties of the...
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    Real Time Wind Map of the World

    A re-post from something I found on another forum, but this: is interesting. Can in no way replace a standard weather briefing, but goes a long way in getting "the big picture". Click on the "Earth" button for options and anywhere on the globe for wind information...
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    Fly like an Eagle After seeing this, I suddenly have this incredible urge to go flying... EDIT: Found the Youtube version...
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    Ideas for VFR Flying Adventures

    So there I was, on my computer trying to book a flight this Saturday on the DA-40 I usually fly...when I saw that someone had beaten me to the punch and booked the entire afternoon. Slightly more curious than annoyed, I clicked on the entry to see what my fellow aviator was up to: "Formation...