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  1. J

    Minimax 1030 build

    My son and I got started on our minimax build finally. I started on the workbench the other day, got the remaining supplies today and finished it to start the build. It doesn't look like much but we have about 2.5 hours into the start of the fuselage. Of course some of that was laying out the...
  2. J

    Anyone deviate with their engine choice?

    I ask because I recently obtained a very nice two cylinder Suzuki 2 stroke engine in a snowmobile that runs excellent and is light weight. I believe it’s rated at somewhere around 25hp and I’d love to use it on the minimax that I’m going to be building. I only see mentions of Rotax and Hirth...
  3. J

    Hello everyone.

    New guy here from the Cincinnati Ohio area. I am a gunsmith/machinist by trade and am in the beginning stages of building a part 103 minimax. I’m also taking flying lessons towards my sport license. A PPL is out of reach due to issues with obtaining a medical. The FAA is hard on diabetics that...