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  1. soupercooper

    for sale: Piper PA-22

    For sale: [updated 9/1/20] Piper PA-22 for only $3000, wings removed, instruments removed and stored in back seat, trike gear available to replace tail dragger configuration. I'm selling for friend, still acquiring more info as i get it and hopefully some pics soon as well, more to come...
  2. soupercooper

    Hi call me Cooper, just got a J3 kitten by Hipps superbirds

    I just got a fresh built brand new J3 kitten by Hipps superbirds with 447 rotax, tell me i got a great airplane suppose to be a great trainer for newbies, did i make a good decision, not much info out there on J3 kitten these days? love to find other J3 kitten owners, its basically a 3/4 scale...