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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Yep. She's a broke. Sad loss for the airplane, good news of minor injuries only to the pilot. That was a nice example of a CX4, I may consider building one, since I still have the plans.
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    New Guy

    You've got experience in this?
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    New Guy

    I don't know if I could ever be happy again if there were no tacos.
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    How to 'buy and fly' cheap in 2022?

    The number of flying Thatcher CX5's are only a small hand full. Good luck trying to find one.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I had just returned from a local flight at the airport where Lars Giertz and I were based when I heard the news. He reported high temps in the pattern and decided to land. Unfortunately, he experienced loss of control of the landing and crashed, suffering fatal injuries, sadly.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I remember the Vmax Probe. It was indeed a beautiful, streamlined machine designed to break speed records. Its designer/builder was a friend of mine. Sadly, it only flew one time with very bad results.
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    Scarfing 1mm birch plywood

    Veeeery, veeeery carefully.
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    EAB "Hall of Fame" Designers

    Ah, the Emeraude. A favorite of mine. I want one!
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    EAB "Hall of Fame" Designers

    John Taylor's Monoplane is a fine little flivver, I have a friend in Iowa that has one. His Titch is a beauty too. I have the Titch plans and most of the metal parts already built, but none of the woodwork. Maybe I should get back on it.
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    EAB "Hall of Fame" Designers

    Here's my version of Australian John Corby's most popular design: the Corby Starlet.
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    EAB "Hall of Fame" Designers

    Y You should also consider John Corby.
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    Thanks for having me

    The Emeraude is a beautiful aircraft. You should post some pictures, we'd love to see them.
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    CONTACT! Magazine / Pat Panzera

    Wishes for a speedy recovery, if the Good Lord permits it. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
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    What happens to the fly ?

    A flea and a fly were caught in a flue. Said the flea to the fly "Let us flee". Said the fly to the flea "Let us fly". So they both flew through the flaw in the flue.
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    What happens to the fly ?

    As a kid living in Mexico we used to hang prickly pear skins on the mesquite tree in our patio. It would attract these big, deep shiny green beetles we called "mayates". We would tie sewing thread around them (not easy with their legs wriggling) and let them fly around in circles around us...
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    Roger Druine's own D.31 Turbulent

    I had at one time that very issue of Flying magazine but lost it along the way. I also had a set of construction drawings, all in French. Foolishly, I sold the plans to someone who really wanted to build one. I hope he did, since I always admired that little bird. I once built a scale R/C model...
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    Making your hangar more comfortable?

    A Big Ass Fan. hard to beat for cooling airflow - and quiet.
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    Mitigating corrosion from moisture in wood

    I used pipe cleaners to do the same. Works like a Champ.
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    Billions upon trillions of birds and spiders can't be wrong.
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    God, I'm gonna miss that woman.