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  1. proppastie

    Flight Plan Requirements

    What are the requirements for a Flight Plan or contact with air traffic control in the country you live?....Here in the USA there is no requirement for a flight plan for VFR. (Visual Flight Rules) If you live outside controlled airspace one does not even need a radio. Basically can you get in...
  2. proppastie

    Basic Torque Question

    I just talked to the dealer for my model engine I plan to use on my build. He asked me how I started it and I said I hand propped it, but that I was thinking about getting a go-cart starter on the hub. He said I would need a compression relief valve if I used the go-cart starter or the hub...
  3. proppastie

    Exhaust Guide Cleaning

    I need to de-coke my exhaust guides IA has died....he had a brass expanding ream to do the job...I can not find one. there are piloted cutting tools for the job at Mcfarland, there are also expanding cutting reamers at reasonable costs.......I was thinking maybe a flex-hone...
  4. proppastie

    E-Lazer Thread Interesting thread on the development of the E-Lazer.....Lots of good practical information on batteries, motors, charging, etc from the master himself the designer of the Lazer. I found it especially interesting...
  5. proppastie

    Seeing Thermals

    While reading "H is for Hawk" by Helen Macdonald I came across this statement: "This hawk can see colours I cannot, right into the ultraviolet spectrum. She can see polarised light, too, watch thermals of warm air rise, roil, and spill into clouds......." Not disputing this assertion would it...
  6. proppastie

    Sheriff Sale

  7. proppastie

    Spam on Signon

    Getting a full page pict. of biplane spam ad apparently from HBA asking me to subscribe after I log on.....really do not want to see this every time.
  8. proppastie

    Peel Ply

    I have 33 yards of Peel Ply for sale 2.12/yard 60" wide 1.6 oz pre-shrunk 100% Dacron. Bought it by mistake for covering and found out it was pre-shrunk. On E-Bay or PM Search "peel ply"
  9. proppastie

    My Threads not working

    Just hit "My Threads" button and nothing came up. Hit it again and only this thread came up.
  10. proppastie

    1.8 oz Dacron

    Aircraft Spruce is currently out of the $4.35/yd of 1.8 oz un-certified Dacron....They say the supplier has stopped producing it.........They do have $9.65/yd. light weight un-certified Poly Fiper fabric 1.87 oz/yd. quite a jump in price. Wicks has similar for a little less 1.7 oz $7.77 yd...
  11. proppastie

    Uavionix-Garmin Patent Settlement
  12. proppastie

    Nihon Stork B

    From another thread this NASA paper was linked....listed on page 500 is the Nihon ....Stork B at 79.4 lb empty weight and max L/D of 28......I was not able to find anything on this glider.....I thought it would be nice to learn a little more about it.
  13. proppastie

    Member Project Logs with Other Replies

    I just saw a Member Project Log that someone other than the OP had replied to. Have the rules changed for these threads?
  14. proppastie

    Video Link Did Not Make Transition

    For some reason the video link to YouTube my post # 48 no longer works.
  15. proppastie

    Current UL Solutions

    I found these items.....interesting how fast this is progressing. Idea of this thread would be hardware we can use right now...whenever...
  16. proppastie

    Full Size Pictures Slows Loading Thread

    The new software allows the mounting of a "Thumbnail" or "Full Size Picture" . I find the threads with lots of pictures mounted full size take very long to load.....and I have Fios a very fast connection. I can not imagine how someone with a slower connection manages this......There should be...
  17. proppastie

    Files Management

    Used to have a link to all my uploaded files....I tried to use that rather than re-upload the same files to save space on the server. Maybe it is still here and I can not find it.
  18. proppastie

    Wing Tip Skid/Rear Spar Fitting Load

    Here is a spread sheet.....Never having calculated angular momentum I am hopping this makes sense to someone......If it is reasonable my assumption is that the mass of the glider must cancel. Anyway these are the dimensions of the Aluminum Dragon and the one calculation gives me P as 207...
  19. proppastie

    Load Test Spoiler Panel

    Check out same in build log.... 60 mph Never exceed speed Limit Load test per FAA Glider Criteria. Interesting the CD for the spec. from Glider Criteria is over 2, (see spread sheet) recent posting had CD of this type of spoiler at 1.38 (I think that is what it said.) As a novice stress man I...
  20. proppastie

    Holes in Spoiler or Not

    I am thinking the holes in my spoiler are a better design....not ever designing a spoiler before would put it out there for the list to comment on.