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    For Sale [SOLD] T-18 project for sale

    The phone number is not correct. Tom did not know what a T18 was.
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    For Sale [SOLD] T-18 project for sale

    The number is not correct.
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    Wanted Second location Saught

    The last time I landed in Madisonville, KY I got the impression that half the hangers were empty.
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    For Sale Dragonfly, VeriEze, Javelin Ford plans for sale

    Starman, If you have the letter with the serial number and templets I'll go $200. N2
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    For Sale Dragonfly, VeriEze, Javelin Ford plans for sale

    Will you take $50 for the Dragonfly? thanks
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    video of wing construct

    Try this: Green Video Has the complete build. Bob
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    Making Aluminum Ribs

    Here's a tool you can make out of a 1/4" bolt for your flycutter. Add a little soap or oil and spin your flange. I always thought you could use a double cutter to cut the hole and then spin the flange, but I haven't tried it. You need to sand the hole to prevent cracks. Also, be sure to sand a...
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    HELP: two-seater aerobatic with removable wings?

    You are correct 6+/3- = 1250 gross 5+/2.5-= 1500 gross The MMII & T18/S18 CW/folding wing are almost identical. The S18 has a 1600 lb documented gross. Many fly at 1800. So, the FW is actually stronger. Takes one person 10 minutes to fold. Bob
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    Has anyone used this TIG welder....

    There have been lots of positive feedback on this unit. Works, sort-of. I don't think the Torch is included, no footpeddle and it won't weld Aluminum. I'm going to use my Oxy torch and TM Technologies flux. Let you know how it works.
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    20" Spinner

    Here's how Mark Langford made his. Fiberglass Spinner
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    EAA Biplane for sale

    Sorry about that. The plane is in Evansville, IN 47712. It had the best running O200 ever, that's why I was going to keep it. The plane was a little under powered, but flew good. The motor and instruments are available. I removed them for another buyer who never showed. I have enough projects...
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    EAA Biplane for sale

    I have a late model EAA Biplane Airframe for sale (2005 I think). It was a beautifull plane that I managed to run off the runway and flip. It qualified for LSA. This is the airframe only! Engine and instruments have been removed. First $2000 EAA Biplane Bob
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    mustang II vs s-18 thorpe

    T18 plans are now perfect, but a little overwhelming at first. The $50 supplement is a basic instruction manual. There are about 150 Newsletters available detailing construction and the Yahoothorplist. Every nut, bushing, bracket, etc has a drawing. (JT had a drawing of a wingnut) The original...
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    mustang II vs s-18 thorpe

    Keefer, I don't know where you got your numbers, but the two planes are almost idenitcal. The T18 and the MMII have the same fuse width. The S18 is a couple inches wider and five inches longer. Both designers worked together and apparently shared ideas. I've seen Bernie Fried wheel land his...
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    Misc A/C parts for sale

    I'd be interested in the grip. What size stick and a pic would be nice. thanks, Bob
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    New Member: looking for some help

    Here's one: Bob MO
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    8' Sheet Metal Break Plans

    Here's another, a little simpler. Bob
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    Paint removal from aluminum sheet

    Be sure not to contaminate the stripper with paint chips. The chips will dilute the stripper. Put the stripper in a separate cup with only the amount needed to do a reasonable area. A plastic drop cloth helps contain the mess. I found brushes, drop cloth and plastic scrapers at the Dollar store.
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    Corvair questions

    The small block parts work and are sold by Clark's, but the geometry is a little different. The valve stem is not centered. Also, the 140 heads are not recommended because they are prone to dropping seats and the Vair is run at lower RPMs. Delta will regrind your old cam to the OT10 regrind for...